Saturday, March 15, 2014

I almost agree with Brancaccio this morning. Almost.

(Have I just missed Lefty Lou's column bemoaning the shattered dream that was the CRC Scam?  All that time, effort, energy and wasted ink over the last decade... and the local rag has nothing to say editorially?)

Let me say at the outset that it doesn't matter who the left shills or who the commissioners ultimately appoint.  If they chose to  run this November, they'll be crushed county wide... and that serves the democrats right, given their slavish devotion to the hated CRC... which gained them nothing but cycle's long enmity and confirmation that their agenda is more important than the will of the people they would dictate to.

Lefty ratcheted it down a little bit on his commissioner sitrep.  As you might expect, he failed to mention the fact that any candidate from the left running will likely get crushed in the upcoming election: after all, the dems will only put forward a candidate who slavish supported that rip off.

That was an oversight, to be sure.  Right?

His support of the absolutely unqualified but pretty-faced Temple Lenz is typical of the hormonally driven.  If Lentz, for example, looked like and was built like me, her lack of experience in government at any level would cause him to either ignore her altogether or to "Benton" her over her obvious lack of qualifications.

Except, of course, she's Lou's fellow leftist, and as a result, telling Lou to go fuck himself was rather endearing... and even when meant the same way, odds are pretty good that Lefty doesn't take it the that way when I say or write one of my numerous messages that pretty much say the same thing.

The problem for Lefty, Lentz's nomenclature notwithstanding, is that in all of his babble about her "being the woman for the job" notwithstanding, his description of her as "bright, articulate and funny" is, of course, absolutely no reason for her to get the appointment that doesn't apply to dozens of fellow leftists. 

Looking beyond the "skin deep" aspect of Lenz, the fact is that while Lefty worships the ground she walks on because she's been using her meager effort as a cudgel to beat the hell out of anyone to the right of Mao generally and Madore particularly, that is no reason whatsoever  to appoint her to anything except receptionist for the local democrats.  In fact, Lou even acknowledges the reason she likely won't get the gig:
Oh, one other thing: She has beaten the M&M boys like an old rug in her mostly liberal political blog called "The (Not Quite) Daily Couve." And we're not talking about patty-cake here. She has left them bloodied and bruised.
As much as I've left YOU "bloodied and bruised," right, Lou?  It astounds me how much Lefty feels compelled to lie about situations like this.  Except for shooting herself in her political feet, all she's done is reduced her chance of getting the gig to zero... not unlike her beating the hell out of Tim "The Liar" Leave-it (Yes, the same Liar she was initially campaign manager for)  likely cost her the appointment to the legislature that instead, went to Wylie.

Lenz goes on to babble:
“We need somebody to continue the work Steve has done,” Lentz said in an interview, “someone who will fight against cronyism, corruption and hypocrisy of the current board.”
Except, of course, she's too ignorant to understand that the LAST thing we "need" is to continue the "work" of Steve Stuart.  Even Steve recognized that as he hit the silk because of it.

Perhaps she should begin with her own troubles... not the least of which is that she's so unqualified for the job that she can't even spell "commissioner," in a matter of speaking.  And what on earth makes her believe that spewing that kind of garbage increases her chances of getting the gig?

Her other attributes notwithstanding, she clearly lacks the political common sense of a rock ape.

That, along with "union support" according to Lefty, makes Lenz the "sharpest tool in the shed."

It must be a small shed.

There's no doubt that Lefty will throw his inconsiderable weight behind the furthest fringe-leftist out there: supporting those most like you comes naturally for some.  Unfortunately, because Lenz had been such a blithering idiot with her blog, she has a little less chance of making the cut than I would have had I gone after Pridemore's vacancy back in 04.

Of the two who have requested appointment to the job so far, Pridemore is obviously the one to get the gig... except... 

Except he screwed himself out of it by joining forces with that blithering idiot Pollard in that stupid, childish, playground idiocy of demanding a recall when there was zero chance of that.

So... who does that leave?

I wouldn't be terribly surprised  if Greg Kimsey has been approached.  Since I can't tell the difference between him or any other democrat, it would be easy for him to swap parties and play commissioner until January next year.

Some of the more gullible leftists are wondering around babbling sewage like:
Not a good idea this time around. We need tough professional who has the skills to put a check on the cronyism and abject self-righteous dysfunction of the BOCC majority.
As opposed to the self-righteous dysfunction of the leftist haters?  As if one fringe-left whack job can do or change anything the other two want to do?

Self-delusion is the hallmark of the leftist.  This is an indicator of that.  But some of them truly believe such nonsense.

So, here's the part where I actually do agree with Lefty:
But this isn't about making a logical choice. This is a chess match. It's likely the M&M boys will pick the person whom they think is less likely to be able to carry the county in the November election. And that's Lentz. Her liberal background will serve her well in Vancouver. But outside the city limits ... good luck with that.
The problem the left has is that there isn't a democrat alive who can win countywide commissioner vote.

No matter who they appoint... no matter who the leftists run... the anchor of the CRC Scam hanging around their neck will drag them off the electoral cliff, into the loser column and into political ignominy.

That's what Stuart was thinking when he bailed.  That's why he took the arranged gig in Ridgefield.

And watching the local dems tear themselves to shreds over this is going to be high comedy indeed.

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