Friday, March 14, 2014

No, it won't be failed congressional/state auditor candidate Craig Pridemore, either.

So, Craig Pridemore wants the commissioner gig.  Here's why he isn't going to get it:

First, county wide, he's been wrong on every issue of recent importance.  Wrong on the CRC, particularly.

But secondly, even though he landed his own cushy gig in Olympia, he was part of the lynch mob that Stuart and Brancaccio whipped up after the Benton hiring.

Although he is superior to Lenz in every way concerning the issue of experience (After all, he's done the job, such as he was) he's hamstrung by his own actions last year after the Benton hiring.  Why do democrats who've been using the conservatives on the Board of Commissioners as their own personal piƱata think that those they hate the most would chose them to even be a janitor?

It takes an astounding level of arrogance to conclude that victims of your anger and assaults are somehow going to select you for a position where you can continue to beat the hell out of you... just with a higher profile?

Pridemore certainly has the huge thing that Lenz obviously lacks: experience.

But along with that comes the cancer of his arrogance.  And giving him the job wouldn't be a great deal different than thawing out a rattlesnake and then being surprised when it bit you.  After all...

... you knew what it was when you brought it in.

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Lew Waters said...

Funniest part is, ol' Lefty seems to fall for the same dream others have, that whoever is chosen will trump the two-man majority.

Ain't gonna happen :-)

Whoever is selected will get to sit out Stuart's time, while he enjoys his pay raise in Ridgefield, and try to put together a campaign from day one for November in hopes of retaining the seat.

They will run with a strong disadvantage, no record of merit, a short time being ineffective and likely despised outside of Downtown Vancouver.

Stuart screwed them royally with this and they are too blinded by hate of the M&M's to see it.