Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lefty Lou blows a fuse over getting smacked.

In the time I've lived here (Some 26 years or so now... a Seattle/Military transplant) I've rarely met anyone so in love with themselves as Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Infallible in his own mind, an accomplished liar (Why, I'm not partisan... the fact that I only trash Republicans is meaningless!) and certainly embittered because those smarter than he... not to mention those who give a damn about the entire community, and not just the downtown mafia variety of it... managed to defeat him on two of the more precious (Or is it "precocious?") items on his agenda: The Ballpark Scam and, much more importantly, the CRC Scam, Lefty has been on an anti-Madore jihad for over a year now.

The vast majority of his clueless columns frequently focus on the conservative commissioners of Clark County to the point where he's become psychotic in his hatred.

Today's idiocy is no exception.

The county, quite wisely, has told the democratian to pound sand by shifting a tidy 5-figure sum of taxpayer dollars from the rag of hate to something genuinely close to a real newspaper: The Reflector.

Lefty seems upset about that.  So does most of his fellow fringe-left nutters, and even a few of the other persuasion.

Of course, he's very good at shifting the blame when he screws up... like with his bid for the business of official notices that was only something on the order of twice as expensive as the Reflector's bid for the same thing.

I dunno... call me a cynic but isn't it just the tiniest bit odd that Lefty failed to mention the bid difference?  Maybe not, given how much he's failed to provide many of the inconvenient truths regarding the CRC Scam, so why change now?

Why, anyone reading Lefty's sludge would have no idea that his rag was raping the taxpayers.

Lefty snivels about the possibility of his rag getting taxed... hiding behind the First Amendment.  Lefty, rather stupidly, I might add, thought he was the only game in town.  So, he tried to nail us all and now, he's whining because we're not showing the proper amount of gratitude foe even the lack of fiscal lubricant.

This time... they got caught.

So, is dumping the democratian "personal?"

Maybe.  Maybe not.  But Lefty's problem, since no one reads the legal notices either way?

Nobody cares.  And any time anyone can jam a stick into the democratian's eye that comes even remotely close to the 2X4 they've been jamming down our throats for years?

Well, that's just so much the better.

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