Saturday, March 22, 2014

Temple Lentz's terrible political mistake. And Pridemore/Parker need to be persuaded to run by being bribed with the appointment.

Showing both a lack of electability and political savvy, Temple Lentz choose last night to politically shoot herself in the foot by declaring that, if they were foolish enough to list her as number one on the appointment list... and if the commissioners lost their minds and somehow selected the main fringe hack, she'd just act as a seat-warmer and let it go at that, apparently believing that her awesomeness as a blogger would result in the job just being handed to her with every one's best wishes.

Like many in her age group, Lentz has been inculcated with a sense of entitlement.  Apparently, she believes she was worthy and qualified for the job of county commissioners because of who she is... and that sense of entitlement and arrogance, rampant in kids her age, shows what we all know: a lack of willingness to do the hard work needed to be done to TAKE the job... if you can fool enough people into believing you're something you're not..  And after all the dust settles, the fact that she was trying to play the dems for suckers is what's going to be remembered here.
Lentz said she believes her strength would be "holding the line."
Yeah.  The line of BS.  As a loud mouth leftist, her major contribution would be that of "irritant."

Unfortunately for them, neither Pridemore nor Parker is much better.  Both of them are attempting to make a political bribe of their own by telling the assemblage that unless THEY were appointed, neither would run for the job in the fall.

If I was a democrat... or a Republican and the shoe were on the other foot... there is no way... NO WAY... I would support someone who didn't want the job so bad they could taste it.

So, as it turns out, none of the 3 main candidates under consideration has the fire in the belly.  All 3 of them just believed they could waltz in and get it handed to them on a platter.

No democrat can win countywide this cycle of course: the stench of their CRC Scam is too strong in the nostrils of the voters, superseding any other element, real or imagined.

But it's as if these 3 just expected to pick up a substantial check for a few months... get the notch on their gun belt and then move on to whatever the next "thing" might be... Lentz, worst of all.

Yeah, it sucks to be a democrat generally and in Clark County particularly... that the best their party has displays all the guts... the fire... and the courage of their convictions that one won't campaign... and either of the other two have to be bribed to campaign.

And that... is just sad... for them.

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