Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Columbian has kittens over losing official notice business to the Reflector.

Any time the cancerous wart on the community of SW Washington loses money generally and county money particularly, I find that cause for at least a minor celebration.

Commissioners Mielke and Madore nailed them today in spite of soon-to-be-former Commissioner Stuart's not surprising protests.  (After all, Lefty writes about Stuart like he was getting paid by hinm in him in small, unmarked bills... what else can you expect?)

From their snivel fest:
Stuart was also skeptical that Mielke and Madore were motivated solely by cost savings, saying their decision seemed more about the commissioners' disagreeing with The Columbian's content.
"If this is based on costs, you've made no case on how you would save money, so it can't be based on that alone," he said. "The decision you seek lacks transparency; it lacks an understanding of this whole process; and it is based on a grudge."
Those sentiments were seconded by Scott Campbell, publisher of The Columbian, who said Mielke and Madore's decision didn't come as a surprise.
"They would do anything in their power to put a dent in the paper's coverage," he said.  It wouldn't be the first time an agency pulled its legal notices from the county's largest paper.

And God knows that Commissioner Stuart, who ONLY "speaks for Steve," has NEVER been politically motivated by anything personal... right?

The rag was really upset, because, well, after all, it's PERFECTLY OK for the democratian to ignore the will of the people; lie, exaggerate, twist and beat the hell out of opponents of the CRC Scam generally and Commissioner's Madore and Mielke specifically, all the while hiding behind their First Amendment cloak of immunity.

I, for one am thrilled.  A few people present whined about it in testimony, but at the end of the day, these are the same people who typically snivel that anything and everything either Commissioner Madore or Mielke does is wrong, so who cares what a bunch of leftist hacks have to say?

If there was one thing that a Commissioner Hinton would have done differently, it's this: I'd have asked every one of those leftist lackeys when the last time any of them ever read the legal notices.  The likely outcome would have been "never," or something close to it.

Meanwhile, a somewhat better newspaper, the Reflector in Battle Ground gets the gig while the democratian gets shoved that much closer to their impending bankruptcy.  And how bad can that be?

Because here's the thing: if the rag was remotely concerned about "coverage," they'd begin to publish all sides and all information on a given story... not just what they think we should be allowed to learn.

This is a money play, pure and simple.  And this taxpayer is thrilled that the scum down at the democratian will get just that much less money from my, and tens of thousands of other county taxpayer's, pockets.

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Jack Buckmeir said...

But yet, the question remains:"will the Reflector run the columbian's Obituary for free??" and does anyone really give a damn? the world wonders...