Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Columbian gets another face shot: loses county official notices. (Link for commissioner discussion)

With Lefty Lou Brancaccio sitting in the crowd, the democratian today lost major revenue when the county designated the Reflector as the "official" newspaper of Clark County.

Sources tell me that Brancaccio, best known for his years long jihad for the CRC Scam and against David Madore as a result of Madore's ultimately successful opposition, could only look on in horror as the county commissioners voted to stop giving the democratian the job of providing official legal notices as required by law, instead shifting that revenue to the Reflector.

The costs are roughly half those charged by the Lazy C, and this represents a savings of thousands of dollars to the taxpayer as that notice goes to a much better quality newspaper.

Memo to the publisher: This blogger believes it may be time for you to shift the focus of your despicable rag to actual news while you tell those fringe-left nut jobs working for you that we don't need their opinions and if they feel the need to express them... well, they could always start a blog.

Know what I'm sayin'?

More on this later.

Video of the Commissioner discussion.

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