Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cleveland/Benton: the double standard of missed votes.

I do at least give the rag props for putting out the list of Legislators who "missed the most votes."

I just have a slight issue with the disparate treatment between Sen. Annette Cleveland (Democrat-CRC) and the past when Benton has missed votes, either leading the league or coming close to it in that category.

Cleveland's lie: 
Most of Cleveland's missed votes happened Feb. 12, when she traveled to Salem, Ore., to testify in support of the Columbia River Crossing before an Oregon legislative committee.
"Given that this project was the single most important means of spurring new jobs and economic growth in my district and region, I felt it was imperative that I speak for my constituents and our state before the Transportation Committee in Oregon," Cleveland told
The proposed Interstate 5 Bridge replacement never came to a floor vote in the Oregon Legislature. Officials began shutting down the $2.9 billion project this month.
Speaks to two issues with her:

1.  An apparently psychotic inability to tell the truth: specifically that there was, in her stilted view, no other way but for her to abandon her duties and her constituents to get her lies, distortions and gross exaggerations in front of the Committee in Oregon: chances are, she could have testified by phone... but where's the photo op in that?

2.  That nobody in Oregon listened to her or that her words made no difference goes to how weak her testimony actually was, how laughable and easy to ignore... while ironically giving her the same stature as the common people of this county had with her on the CRC Scam, namely, none.

That said, are we now going to be regaled with multiple broadsides from the local cancer on our community over her missed votes?

Of course not.  They're too busy whining about Madore to treat Cleveland the way they've treated Benton for the same thing.

Besides, she's a leftist.  And it's always different when a democrat does it... right?

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