Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When the non-serving pogues at the democratian write about the military.

Given their slavish devotion to another non-serving scumbag... the president... it's not terribly surprising that the ignorant gits at the democratian would equally support the shift of funds from the military to Obama's political socialization efforts.

That's one of the problems when you have people who know nothing about the military talking about it in terms that have nothing to do with the capabilities of the force.

Instead, the democratian characterizes the money ripped out of the military budget, weakening it to a level unknown since World War 2, as "savings."  Bullocks, as the Brits say.

First is the lie that this is Hagel's doing.  Hagel, never the brightest bulb on the tree, is implementing what he's been told to implement, not making this a result of his fevered brow; but instead, reducing Hagel to the status of "useful tool."

This was no more a Hagel initiative than Obama inventing the light bulb.

Unfortunately, for this country and those serving it, cuts to the military don't save a dime.  Cuts like these... cuts like those voted for by Ridgefield Barbie, our worthless congresswoman... are the kind that inevitably results in much higher payments in blood on the other end.

Further, the entire point of THESE cuts isn't to reduce taxes or cut the deficit... oh, no.  These cuts are to enable Congress to shift the spending so the democrats can increase their bribery of the ignorant... something the rag buys into as much as they do a double lip-lock on the CRC Scam's posterior.

We are still fighting a war... the responsibilities of this country by treaty and security requirements have not shrunk appreciably, but if these morons get their way, our ability to respond will be crippled.

Someone smarter than I once opined that if we don't learn from history, we're doomed to repeat it.  The idea that shrinking our military to pre-World War 2 levels in the face of the increased threat shows a level of stupidity that confounds the imagination.

Our enemies already smell blood in the water.  China.... Iran...  Russia... They are all engaged in massive build-ups while we, as a nation, are drawing down.

What the morons at the rag are babbling is "undeniable reality" is this: Nature and politics both abhor a vacuum.  Obama and the rags fellow leftists are providing that vacuum and these other countries are going to fill it.

While the democratian lies with the frequency of the earth's rotation passing a given point, it is rare indeed that they show a criminal level of ignorance and lack of knowledge such as this.  Further, ultimately, doing the opposite of what the morons at the Lazy C actually want is usually the best course.

This is yet another example of that: if I need the opinion of a bunch of non-serving leftists to tell me what the military should or should not do, I will certainly ask them.

Meanwhile, those who will pay the ultimate price for the left's neutering of the military won't be the fat cats who wrote this garbage and who actually believe it: no, those who pay the price... who fill our hospitals and who are discarded by their own government after their usefulness ends will be the kids launching bullets.

And none of those kids will have any of these clowns as parents.  And these same people will wander around in a daze wondering... "what happened?"

Well, we all know.

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