Wednesday, February 26, 2014

80 days and still no answers from Dingethal.

I'll be the first to admit that our congresswoman is worthless.  I've said so for years and will continue to say so as long as we're unfortunate enough to have her in elective office.

So, I was looking at the only alternative so far, Bob Dingethal.

Since party labels are utterly worthless these days (After all, democrat Marc Boldt, for example, insisted to the end that he was still a Republican) there is a possibility that I could, in fact, vote for a democrat if that democrat, unlike Herrera, actually represented us on the issues that matter: two of which include the idiocy of the CRC Scam and getting rid of Obamacare.

I have been asking Dingethal on his facebook page, repeatedly, for his positions on those issues.

For the past 80 days, I've been asking him.

And for 80 days, he's refused to answer.

Look, I get that Dingethal has to carry the water for the fringe-left nutters backing his play and all that.  I get that this is going to be a horrific year for dems... perhaps even making them long for 1994.

I get that Dingethal is going to likely be crushed at the polls.

So, I would ask him: Bob ... what have you got to lose?

Be proud of your positions... whatever they are (And I'm fairly sure we know what they are).  At some point, you're going to have to put them out there... what's the hold up?

I get that you're terrified.  I get that your fear the humiliation of that empty-suited waste of political skin knocking you flat.

But don't you think it's time to pull your panties up, man up and spill on the issues?

Dude, sooner or later... and ignoring a prospective constituent for almost 3 months doesn't instill confidence that you won't do the same on those uncomfortable questions you might get should we suffer a nuclear attack and you, somehow, managed to get elected.

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