Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UPDATE: Vick was a CO-SPONSOR OF THIS????? When Vick gets stupid.

My loathing for alleged Republican Brandon Vick hit new highs today when I found it that not only did Vick vote to gut our initiative rights, he COSPONSORED THE LEGISLATION TO BEGIN WITH.

State of Washington  63rd Legislature 2014 Regular Session
By Representatives Reykdal, Appleton, Sawyer, Kirby, Smith, Ormsby, Buys, Vick, S. Hunt, Fey, and Tarleton
Read first time 01/21/14. Referred to Committee on Government Operations & Elections.

What the hell is this guy thinking?

Regular readers know of the disdain I hold for one of my state representatives: Brandon Vick, a disdain second only to that of our congressional waste of skin, Jaime Herrera.

There are a variety of reasons for that lack of respect, not the least of which is his vote on SHB 2552.

Now, as I expected, Vick hasn't accomplished anything in the House; in fact, sitting out the entire first year, save for collecting a paycheck.

But I never expected him to vote to gut the referendum process as he did with his "yes" vote on this bill.

Briefly, the purpose of the bill is to gut the ability to hire paid signature gatherers.  For whatever the reason, Vick voted to go along with the democrat plan to mute the voice of the people even more than they have already.

The Olympia Report lays out the details.  Suffice it to say, while this additional disappointment may have thrilled the democrats, it does nothing for the people of this district.

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