Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vick gets love at neo-communst C3G2: Briggs gets stuffed.

Of course Vick is going to pick up support for his leftist positions.  But imagine my surprise... and Briggs' butthurt... when it turned out they weren't going to slavishly endorse Brigg's candidacy: 

  • Tom Gibson Brandon Vick would probably be seen as "too liberal" by the quislings. Brandon is misinformed on some topics, IMO-like minimum wage, but he seems to do his own research when deciding what is right for Washington and his district and seems to lean strongly away from outside influence and corruption. This is one of the things he gave examples of in his town hall meeting this weekend when someone brought up the thank you party Boeing gave to legislators after getting their tax break. Vick actually called the lobbyist and leadership and told them he though that was wrong. Someone that doesn't accept bribes might not have a future in a political scene dominated by ALEC.
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  • Mike Briggs Interesting Tom, you write of Vick, "but he really does want to do what is right for Washington and his district and seems to lean strongly away from outside influence and corruption. "

    Are you saying then that you support Brandon Vick in his bid for reelection? Because I think I have some very good things to offer as well...

    Mike Briggs- Democrat, running for Position 1, 18th District, opposite- Brandon Vick.
  • Tom Gibson Mike Briggs I would love to talk to you but this is not a comparison and this wasn't about you.
  • Jim Rourk evdiently I said something that torked off mr ley, persona non gratia here
  • Tom Gibson Self righteous people don't have much tolerance for information that doesn't agree with their narrative.
  • Mike Briggs Thank you for your words Tom. I never doubt your good intentions. But politics is a strange beast and we must all remember, this C3G2 site is read by many- and not all sympathetic to our cause. I have learned, the hard way, to write everything as if written to my opponent and not my proponent.
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  • Tom Gibson Mike Briggs you left out the most important operator when you quoted me, maybe because you replied before I had a chance to edit for clarity. The most important thing about my response concerning our current legislator was " he seems to do his own research" and "Someone that doesn't accept bribes". The part you quoted was the weakest thing anyone could say about any agency and almost meaningless unless it is supported by something substantive. I think Vick has plenty of weaknesses in his positions for you to run against him but I do feel that he is probably as good a representative as we might hope to get in this county. If your running made it possible for a Madore clone to get elected replacing Vick that would be a poor outcome for the 18th. It is unfortunate that we are in a position where our choices are between the lesser of two evils but our politics in this country has been like that for as long as I can remember. I hope you will keep a realistic outcome of your chances and support our best choice that has a realistic chance of winning and know when to let go if the numbers look like they will create a split in the wrong direction.
  • Mike Briggs Mr. Gibson, I am running to win my seat in the House, Position #1, 18th LD, against Mr. Vick, Mr. Ley or anyone else. THAT is my idea of a realistic chance of winning. I do hope I will have the support and endorsement of C3G2. Have a good day Mr. Gibson.
  • Tom Gibson I could be wrong, Mike Briggs but this group is not going to endorse any candidates. We would lose any credibility we might be seeking to gain as a reliable source of information if we were seen to align with candidates or parties. I think that once we hash out our mission and vision that we would be able to score the candidates and compare them to each other using objective criteria but that has not been been on the agenda to date. I do wish you well in all of your endeavors. Every election is another chance to talk to the people about the issues of the day and I thank you for your service.
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Gibson's concern that the group would "We would lose any credibility we might be seeking to gain as a reliable source of information if we were seen to align with candidates or parties." pegs the bizarro meter.  Given their complete support of democrats only (except for Vick) and hatred of anyone in the GOP at any level generally, and anyone who shares even a passing political view with David Madore in particular... although it pretty much does confirm the fact that as a neo-communist group, they have no credibility to the mainstream they hope to appeal to.  The overt and sickening hatred of Madore makes this group worthless for a variety of reasons.

Many of the comments on the C3G2 page… and members of this group themselves…. are politically psychotic in their hatred or anything to the right of Mao.  The only way these people can have any relevance is to put their rank partisanship aside, police their own page and stick to their started goal.

Of course, if they were to do that, the fringe left haters would desert that gaggle in droves… so little to nothing is done to rein the haters in.

That, of course, is their dichotomy.  The initial draw for C3G2 was leftist hatred and a primary desire to find a way to overturn the outcome of the November, 2012 election because they didn’t happen to like how it turned out.  Now in search of some relevance having been failed by nutburgers like Pollard and Pridemore, Gibson talks a great game… but the commenters on the page fail him… and anyone reading the page for 60 seconds would discern their true purpose.

It’s difficult to overlook the irony of Gibson's statement concerning "Self righteous people don't have much tolerance for information that doesn't agree with their narrative," given that both of the M&M Twins, Briggs and Winningham, have blocked me (they think) from THEIR FB pages.  That irony, combined with how Gibson’s fellow travelers react to information THEY don't like or disagree with... is rampant, to be sure; so I at least acknowledge Gibson's labeling of the M&;M Twins as "self-righteous people" who have no tolerance of views beyond their own.  A "well done" for that, Mr. Gibson.

I would suggest that those infesting that group engage in just the tiniest bit of introspection.  Gibson's positions on the surface, make some sense... but reading what these fringe-left nutters have to say on the board really does make it clear that this is just another group pissed off that they've lost control of the county commission.  They’re angry that their boy Stuart has been voted into irrelevance. They're angry that their histrionics notwithstanding; they could not recall either Madore or Mielke since neither has done anything illegal and in fact, no matter what Gibson's goals of relevance may be, as long as political hatred of anyone remotely like David Madore is their driving force they are just that: irrelevant.

I urge them to embrace Mussolini Mikey and every other leftist hater running.  They shouldn't be shy: they should be honest to the extent that any leftist can be honest, and do everything they can to keep his embarrassing defeat from slipping into humiliation.... which is the destination it will find on election night in November of this year.

Still, that a fringe-left whack job like Briggs would find himself on the wrong end of a smackdown considering the weak incumbent he's running against is a huge... and quite unpleasant for Briggs.... surprise.

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