Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jim "Molehill" Moeller: lying hypocrite par excellence.

First, let me say at the outside that I despise Jim "My middle name is Hussein" Moeller because he is scum.

He is a liar.

He is a hypocrite.

He is almost the worst that politics has to offer, second only to the stench of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Sen. Don Benton has been a major player in killing off the CRC Scam.  Along with Sen. Ann Rivers, Sen. Curtis King and a host of others at the legislative level, it's beginning to look like this thing may finally be dying the death it has long deserved.

SB 6125 was likely a huge nail in the coffin.  But it certainly wasn't the only one.

Like most CRC Scammers, Moeller is a liar.  If Sen. Benton had never heard the name "Madore" and the CTran board had raped this community the way it did at the behest of  Stuart and Leavitt, Benton would have introduced the same legislation.

The problem that Molehill and the rest of the Scammers have is their insistence that supporters of the bill, according to the rag, " likely knew it may not go anywhere in the House."

It didn't need to.

Benton knew that.  And just as importantly, Starr knew it as well.

Any agency agreement between a state agency in Washington and a state agency in Oregon must have, by law, legislative approval.

SB 6125 was an absolute sign that the senate would not allow any such agreement.

Moeller, of course, stupidly claimed he'd kill the bill in the House (as if he had that power: he doesn't) almost like what the House did with the bill actually mattered.

It didn't.  It doesn't.  It won't.

Meanwhile, Moeller deliberately overlooks the illegality of the contract between CTran and TriMet: he does so because were he to be honest about it (If that were remotely possible) he would have to acknowledge that the agreement would never stand up to court scrutiny... and instead of such an acknowledgement, he throws another hissy-fit over the drapes.

What Moeller and the other two Stooges fail to realize from the 49th... or, more likely, fail to care about... is that the people of Clark County do not want their project.  The people of his own district do not want this project.

So, what does he do?

Gets all playground about Madore and Benton, who have outsmarted and outmaneuvered the scum doing their very best to ram this light rail project down our collective throats for the better part of a decade.

No lie the pro-CRC Scammers wouldn't tell.  No insult they wouldn't hurl.  No exaggeration they wouldn't use... and no respect for the people of this county who do not now, nor have we ever, wanted light rail to infect our community.

Lew Waters did the screen grab of Moeller's hypocrisy.  Combine it with this series of outright lies from Moeller's own mouth:  And you have the most transparent look at Moeller available.

Moeller lies over and over in this recording, particularly when he makes the absolutely false claim that "his politics are the politics of compromise."

That's as true as if he were now claiming he was straight.

On this issue, this scumbag has NEVER offered a "compromise."  It's always been light rail.  Ihe's never wanted to allow us to vote... because our will is meaningless to this megalomaniacal putz.

But like all of the other lies... these will be ignored by the Lazy C.

Victory, of course has many fathers.  Each of the Senators who fought against this are all deserving of our praise.  Each of the others, from Tiffany Counch to David Madore to Lew Waters and the dozens of others who fought and fought and fought to keep this cancer out of our community are equally deserving.

Those elected to some position or another that empowered them to ignore the oft-expressed positions of their constituency deserve our scorn.  Leading that list are the scum representing the 49th District... and the special interests that just today, the scumbag mayor of Vancouver indicated should hold more sway over those working for us than the special interests who own these clowns like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion, then the very people those slime are supposed to serve.

How many times have the CRC Scammers lied?  How many subjects have they lied about?  How much arrogance, how much falsehood, how many deliberate efforts to ignore the opposition... and to silence it... have they made?

When, in fact, Moeller is looking for someone to blame, he can start with ever-shrinking concentric circles that end with him... that end with the morons running Washington and Oregon government, that end with the lying special interest scum... the Montagues, the Parkers, the downtown mafia, the Chamber of Horrors, the Identity Vancouver slime, the Realtors, CTran and all the rest who somehow forgot who they worked for and what their responsibilities actually were... and are.

The damage the democrats have done to themselves locally will last for a dozen cycles, as each candidate has to pass the litmus test of determining whether or riot they supported this travesty.

And every democrat candidate running at any level, from Congress on down....

...most certainly did.

And now, they are going to be made to suffer the way they've made us suffer.

And it will serve them all right.

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