Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mussolini Mikey compounds his stupidity on the CRC.

I dunno.

Is he brain-damaged?

Or is he just stupid?

Much of the area this moron wants to "represent" (Or in this case, ignore) in the legislature are among those most opposed to the CRC Scam.

The problem?

This simple idiot continues to ignore opposition to this loot rail stupidity and blather garbage like this:
Mike Briggs for State Rep I must suppose merely walking away from the negotiation table wasn't enough for this group of WA State Republican legislators-- they have to compound their negative efforts by telling Oregon to stay away from a project that Washington doesn't care about. Interesting...

"The letter was signed by 10 House and Senate members from Washington’s 17th, 18th, 14th and 20th legislative districts. Among them were Sens. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, and Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Reps. Liz Pike, R-Camas, Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, and Brandon Vick, R-Vancouver."

Ladies and Gents- this is NOT leadership.

If elected, I will give you thoughtful compromise, I will Never walk away from discussion, and I will represent All of the citizens of the18th District- not just a selected few-- in short, I will give you the leadership we lack now.
He's too dense to understand that leadership not only means coming out in opposition to a rip off that will harm the people of SW Washington, it means doing all that can be done to stop that project, period.  Ignorants like Mikey simply cannot grasp that shilling a position that people in the district hate only puts your unsupportable arrogance on display and drives your vote total straight down. Even an idiot like Briggs must know that to win in a conservative district... and the 18th is certainly among those that the most conservative in the state, you have to say SOMETHING that most voters in the district agree with.

Rabid opposition to this Scam is that thing.  And Mussolini is far too stupid to figure it out.

At this point, Briggs, one of the more idiotic CRC supporting scum, has yet to deliver on that requirement.

His stupidity here?

He refers to "negotiating."

There have not been any "negotiations" from the beginning of this rip off.

The issue holding up this scam more than any other is loot rail.

Musso is a HUGE loot rail supporter.  And HUGE is an understatement.

His idea of "leadership" here will be to bend us over for his downtown mafia, fringe-leftist buddies that have been trying to ram this crap pile down our throats without our say-so.

Clearly, then, the letter this punk is whining about is EXACTLY what this little worm is claiming it isn't: leadership.

It/'s also rife with a concept this clown simply cannot understand:  representation.

I get why he's doing it.  First, he's a fringe-leftist, pro-union hack.  He's trolling this $20 through the democrat trailer park in an effort to get union support in the form of endorsements and money.

Second, he's trying to get recognition from the bridge contractors so they'll provide funding for his campaign like they Have for Jaime Herrera.

Third, he makes the arrogant mistake of wrongly presuming that he's the smartest guy in the room and everyone else is stupid.

Mussolini does not know this district.  He does not know what makes it tick.  He does not care that the people of this district hate the CRC Scam and will, at the polls, proceed to hate him just as much.

And that takes a special kind of stupid.

And Mussolini Mikey's got that in spades.

Here's but a few of the stupid things Briggs, who also opposes a vote on this rip off while supporting the CTran sellout. has babbled about on the subject of the CRC:

  • Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
    Mike Bourcier , do you get to vote when we go to war? Do you get to vote on a new hospital? Do you get to vote on a new highway? Do you get to vote on a new sewer system? No. None of us do. You can keep on hammering about your right to vote but you see you don't have one when it comes to projects for the public welfare. Our elected representatives vote for us Mike. That is the way our Republic works. If you don't like it, vote for someone else or run for office.

  • Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
    Tom Sharples, if the citizens are supposed to get a vote by law, of Ctran or State Law, cite your laws. And then, cite the actions which rescinded this law, if there was one.

    Tom, quite simply, if there was a law that guaranteed the citizen a vote on a specific or general issue, it would have happened. If it did not- was there any law...or just someone saying there was?

    I contend, since there was no lawsuit coming from the Ctran board passing a democratic vote for a resolution for Ctran to work with Trimet to build a bridge over here in Washington State, than there was no violation. And if I am wrong--where is this lawsuit? What laws were broken?

    Rather Tom Sharples, I believe you are just throwing around words like "laws"and "rights" to inflame the issue because you do not like the result of that Ctran vote.

    I would expect more of you than this.

  • Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
    If Washington's State Attorney General states this plan is ok and legal and the Governor of this state is behind it too-- I cannot think there is anything a lawsuit might accomplish. However, anyone can sue anyone over anything. It seems to be the American way.

    The thing which upsets me is that if a portion of our own legislators cannot abide by a democratic vote, and unless they have a legal case study to stand upon, by taking this to this limit, it will only make for hard feelings in the long run. The citizens wish to have a legislature which is sensible, civil and can come to decisions without long lasting rancor. I don't believe any good will come from having a rally entitled, "Unite Against Tyranny". What does this say about our own State of Washington and it's legislature?

    I believe the people of Washington State wish to move forward-- not continue on with anger and resentment. This is not a good thing for this state.

    I hope Sen. Rivers cools her emotions and thinks more reasonably upon the course to take for our state of Washington.
 I do agree here... that Mussolini Mikey "cannot think."

Mussolini Mikey flipped out over the Washougal City Council's right to do a Resolution in opposition to the CRC Scam (Showing some of that "leadership" That Musso hates when it opposes his agenda) by babbling thus:

  • Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
    This is probably the single most important project that will affect NOT ONLY SW Washington but Oregon (the land of my birth) and will enhance the largest single roadway on the western coast of North America. This bridge connection will affect Mexico, the United States and Canada- US Interstate 5.

    It is wrong and foolish to believe this project is only about SW Washington.

    If it does not come to be-- it will be another DECADE before it is looked at again. Does anyone have any idea how much MORE MONEY that will cost at that time?

    Build this bridge now.

  • Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
    Unfortunately Vicki, some people around here have allowed their emotions to run over their intellect. And it certainly did not help to have a local politician wanna-be use the CRC project as a campaign issue to propel him into an office where he paid 95% of his own campaign donations...
And see, this is the key:

If you don't agree with this scumbag... then you've "allowed your emotions to run over your intellect."

In short, you're stupid if you disagree with Mussolini's take on this rip off.

Anyone who wants to watch this guy hang himself on his own petard of arrogance and innate superiority... all you have to do is google "Mike Briggs CRC."

Now, remember, when you go over to the moron's facebook page, campaign or otherwise, be careful what you write... since he's to much of a sniveling coward to engage, he'll just ban you.

That's HIS style of "leadership."

HIS style of "representation.

The biggest joke to run in the 18th since the last cycle, when both of those road bumps were crushed.

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