Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Confirmed: the pro-pot campaign lied.

So, a nice little number for pot heads in the rag today:
OLYMPIA — The state’s new legal recreational marijuana market is expected to bring nearly $190 million to state coffers over a four-year period starting in mid-2015, according to an economic forecast released Wednesday.
Of course, since the reporters at the democratian typically write like they're on drugs, they seemed to have left out the revenue projections used by the campaign for pot as a part of their efforts to bribe the voters:
State and Local Government Revenue Estimates – Assumptions
The initiative creates a closed, highly regulated industry that does not presently exist anywhere. Unlike other agricultural commodities, production would be solely for in-state consumption. In addition, the licensure and regulation provisions of the initiative could ease federal criminal law enforcement activities by identifying marijuana producers, processors and retailers. These features may prevent the development of a functioning marijuana market. Consequently, the total amount of revenue generated to state and local government could be as low as zero. Assuming a fully functioning marijuana market and the assumptions following in this summary, estimated total revenue generated to the state could be as high as $1,943,936,000 over five fiscal years. Because the range of impact is wide, the estimated impact on state and local government revenues is indeterminate, but non-zero. See Table 3.1 and Table 3.2 for details on state and local revenue impacts assuming a fully functioning marijuana market.
So, that either means that the druggies lied their asses off, or the 5th year has to have revenue of $1.7 billion, more or less, to meet the campaigns lies... I mean, goals... concerning revenue.

I knew it was a crock at the time, as did anyone with two functioning neurons:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog View: The dope-smoking editorial writer endorsing the pot initiative.

Considering how much those people smoke it before they write, this isn't surprising.
Clearly, they overdosed on the product before they, as they so often do, left out the most critical facts of all: passage of this crap is meaningless: it will STILL be "against the law," AND, if ever legalized, the projections of revenue are as much a fantasy as the revenue projections on jacking taxes on cigarettes and booze.
Guided by the utterly false hope that it will jack up state revenue, the leftist dope smoker who wrote this pap fails to understand that, by definition, this plant is a "weed." To avoid paying the taxes... guess what?
People will grow their own... and except for a boost in sales taxes on equipment, there will be, for all intents and purposes, ZERO income to the state... since... you guessed it: it first will STILL be "illegal," and second, if the fed ever changes the laws... people would grow... and sell... their own.
Then the law enforcement focus changes to revenue enforcement... the modern equivalent of "revenuers."

I was right.  It was a lie.  But people "bought" it so to speak, like they bought the "it doesn't hurt anyone" scam and all that goes with it.

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