Thursday, February 20, 2014

Culpeper residents are starting to pay attention to Jon Russell.

Several months ago, I concluded that Jon Russell was going to bring that same brand of dishonest, self-aggrandizing, lying politics to Culpeper, VA that he displayed here.

First, I am not a part of any campaign.  I'm not getting paid by anyone to do this... Folks can just call it a community service.

I knew Russell was, at some point, going to get stupid and run for some other office... which is why I decided to keep his blog up, detailing his lack of honesty, integrity, mental issues and the bizarre combination of lying about himself to make him bigger in the eyes of others, and his major insecurities that, in fact, cause him to lie... even when he doesn't have to.

Yesterday, I received 4 emails from residents wanting to know about this guy.  Numbers on the blog are climbing, fast.

Today, I'll be working on a FAQ to answer most of their questions.  I will be doing anything I legally can to make sure this guy isn't elected to dog catcher.

And this blog will be the clearing house for that.

For those reading this entry, my opposition to Russell is based on knowing him for the past 10 years or so, and watching him lie to get what he wants... and what he wants is frequently not what the people want.

Those wondering why I would care, since he's on the other side of the country, need to understand that I don't want Jon Russell anywhere in government generally and MY government particularly.

His efforts at getting elected to a city council have nothing to do with his care or concern of the city in question: it's all about a stepping stone to higher office.

This guy used his seat on the Washougal city council as a prop for his abysmal, failed congressional run and his subsequent disaster of a race for state representative.

This guy doesn't give a damn about Culpeper except in so far as what that community can do to enhance his chances at higher political office.  And if you don't believe that, just ask him... and he'll have to tell you if he's still doing that fake Christian thing.

This blog chronicles this guys self-aggrandizement, lies and distortions used to harm others.  Expect the same as he tried to rebuild his political empire over in your backyard.

More today or tomorrow.  Thanks for coming by.

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