Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mussolini Mike goes full leftist panderer..

Having been bitch-slapped by the fringe-left C3G2 just the other day, Mussolini Mikey goes to this:

I recommend the film, by Robert Reich, "Inequality For All". It's an outstanding documentary about the growing economic inequality that has been since, the late 70's, widening the gap between the very rich and a rapidly declining middle class. This film should be appreciated by all classes of people, be they right, left, or in between. 

America is strong because of a strong middle class. If we lose more of the middle class we lose the very reason the United States became so great after WWII- the chance for everyone, even an "average Jack (or Jill)", to make it simply on hard work, careful planning and the desire to make more out of yourself than you began with. Right now the average wage earner is working harder--much harder, and getting less. In my book, that is going backward. Americans I know do not go backward. They go forward. 

If I am elected, I guarantee you, I will work as hard as I can to always focus on the people, not the corporations, and to try and shift more resources for and to the middle class. 

One way to do this is to support organized labor, support education and to pay teachers what they are really worth to our society, and to make sure the middle class gets every break I can find. And the ones I cannot find- I will try to invent.
 Clearly, anyone recommending anything by a leftist nutjob like Reich is so far out of touch with the 18th District that it can't even be piped into him... but that's neither here nor there.

Mikey's failure to understand that it's the actions of his hero, Obama, who have done more to crush the middle class than any other cause.... or all other causes combined is the thing.

That delusion of Musso's aside, the lie that he would "focus on the people" instead of living out his socialist, don't care what the people want or think dream (Nee' Stuart... or Molehill Moeller)  and what, exactly, does "shifting more resources for and to the middle class" if it's not more of his hero's income redistribution?

And then comes the pandering... the begging for union help.... the sychophantic effort to get teachers on board as he kisses their ass.  Frankly, given their generally abysmal outcomes and efforts to avoid being held accountable for those outcomes, "what they are really worth to our society" is about a 25% pay and benefit cut.

Mussolini's lack of situational awareness is frightening for a political candidate.  This kind of leftist delusion shows a stuck on stupid that is so bizarre, it's almost admirable.

Almost.  But this clown wants to represent the fringe leftists in this district.... not the middle class, or the people.  He wants to bring Stuarts "I don't represent anyone but Steve" idiocy to the legislature.

There is no doubt that Mussolini is going to be hammered this election cycle.  But come on, Mikey... this isn't south Seattle or the Vancouver Soviet.  You're making this far too easy.

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