Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stuart hanging out there: what does it say if he ISN'T hired?

There was no doubt that Steve Stuart wasn't going to land a cush gig somewhere in lieu of his cowardice concerning his re-election bid: knowing you'd get your ass kicked at the polls is enough to keep just about anyone not named Boldt from running.

The fact is that it's likely to be Stuart.  Neo-communist moron Ron Onslow, who joined with Slimeball in voting to throw this county under one of TriMet's buses, is going to take care of Steve... after all, wasn't that the deal?  And who knows?  Maybe that was the buy off for Stuart's vote all along.

And how would it look if Ron passed him over for Nelson Holmberg?

Holmberg, perhaps best known for throwing a hissy fit and bailing from the county GOP executive board after they rightfully smacked Marc Boldt for being to the left of Stuart on his voting record, is also after the gig.  Unfortunately for him, though, he likely doesn't have the chops for it, given that Onslow is likely to grab his BFF and fellow democrat CRC Huckster, Stuart.

Personally, I hope Stuart does get the gig starting on Monday.  His absence won't be missed from the county commission, nor will his arrogance or his "I don't represent the people, I only represent Steve" shtick which got real old about 3 seconds after he spewed it.  Watching both Stuart and Onslow have to squirm because they'd have to answer for this choice will be highly entertaining, to be sure.

It does open up some interesting possibilities about who might replace Stuart.  As I understand it, the remaining two commissioners get to choose whoever that might be, and that person is going to have to run next November to keep the job.

I'm sure the fringe-left nutters will be thrilled that their hated enemies will get to pick Stuart's replacement.

I'm torn about who that should be.  Naming a numskull like Wylie or Cleveland would fit the bill.  I'd like to see either one of them since they'd both be crushed county-wide this November due to the fact they're leftists and slavish CRC scammers... and we'd have the advantage of being rid of whichever one that is from government altogether, since any Republican running against them in the general would likely pound them like a nail.

I'm sure the usual leftist suspects outside of elective office... Jim Mains and Temple Lenz will be shilled big time... but Mains' problem is that he ran Marc Boldt's campaign (into the ground) against David Madore and Lenz's problem is that she's gone leftist stupid about Madore on her little blog... so I don't give either one of them much of a chance.

It will be fascinating to see the machinations the leftists go through to gain favor from Commissioners Madore and Mielke.  Finding one who didn't want to bend this county over for the CRC Scam will be next to impossible (Martin Hash?) but watch these clowns sell their own mothers to get the gig... even if it's only until the election is certified next November when they'd have to turn over their office to their GOP replacement.

And, if Steve DOESN'T get the gig.... what would that say about him?

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