Thursday, February 27, 2014

The last thing that will make any difference in the Ukraine is Obama.

As I expected and I said last week, Russia was not going to allow the Ukraine to just move away.

I've actually expected a much stronger response from Putin than an effort to take over a single Ukrainian state, in this case, the Crimea, which has a Russian Naval Base located there and likely was the launching pad for the forced annexation of the Crimean capital.

Unfortunately for the Ukrainian people, any posturing on the part of the president... or our military... is a worthless, empty threat.

The United States is weaker now in about every measurable way than at any time since Truman was president.  Given that Mr. Obama is a liar of epic proportions, Putin knows that he's a coward and that he, Obama, has and is gutting the US Military to buy more Obama phones as Americans trade their freedom.... for "stuff."

I watch the live feeds from around the country, and I see tens of thousands out in the street, willing to shed their blood for what we so cavalierly dismiss.

At the end of the day, there's only one question: if Putin ignores Obama... what can he do about it?

We all know the answer is "nothing."

Putin knows it as well.  Expect them to swallow more of the Ukraine in the face of our weakness and intransigence.  Because frankly, there's not one damned thing we can... or will... do about it.

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