Friday, January 17, 2014

My pick: SF over Seahawks.

It became fairly clear with Seattle's first defeat at home in the Wilson Era that the NFC West had "figured us out."

The subsiquent loss in SF re-enforced that.

At some point, changes in the offensive scheme needed to be made.  There's little to nothing to indicate that they have been, however and as a result, Wilson passed for a paltry 103 yards last week... or what could be called "Tebow numbers."

The running game sets up the pass.  The front 7 in SF is pretty good.  They'll likely be keying on the RB (whoever it is) to shut that down, and that means that, at some point, Seattle will have to pass.

Unfortunately, I have seen nothing over the past several weeks that indicates a robust passing game is in the offing.

Those that remind us of the last SF trip up here where Wilson put up 142 yards on 8 of 19 passing while SF was crushed 29-3 and use that as some sort of positive indicator that it can be done again are stuck in a "regular season" mode.

SF IS different now.  They are mostly healthy, and they're exhibiting the hunger... the "Eye of the Tiger, Rock" meme that makes them dangerous... and the Seahawks are left with "opportunistic".

I'd rather have "dangerous." You can typically count on dangerous more than you can on opportunities.

Yeah, I know that communication is almost impossible down there.  But if they can figure out how to get that done, that will give them the edge since the OC has yet to right the Seahawk's offensive ship, even though he's had 6 to 7 weeks to try.

Being from Seattle, admiring Russell Wilson as an exceptional leader and a fine young man that all of our kids would be well-served in emulating... if not athletically, than at least as a human being... it pains me to say it:

SF, 23-20. 

And no one will be happier than I to be wrong.

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