Friday, January 17, 2014

Why is Sen. Benton off the Transportation Committee?

I received an email pointing out that Sen. Don Benton, one of the senior Republicans in the Senate, is no longer on Transportation.

What happened with that?

Now the only Senator from Clark County on the Committee is Pro-CRC Scammer Annette Cleveland.

What happened to Sen. Benton, who was, effectively, Ranking Member/Vice Chair of Transportation until now?

With the effort to keep the CRC beast in it's cage, we need him, and not Cleveland, on Transportation now... more than ever.

Is he being punished?  Was he forced off?  I can't believe he asked off... no one has worked longer to keep the CRC dead than Benton.

Him not being there does not bode well for the anti-CRC position, particularly when he was replaced by someone as clueless as Cleveland.


Debbie Peterson said...

This is a huge concern, considering that less than one year ago, Annette Cleveland was STILL sayig that the CRC would bring us 20,000 jobs.

VanBlazerFan said...

Is it really that strange that someone from the very same legislative district where the CRC will break ground is now on the committee? Of course not. And how was she chosen? Was it random?

Just a guy said...

It's not strange that she would be placed on Transportation (Essentially, you're either on Transportation or Ways and Means... you get one or the other)

What's "strange" is that the most senior Republican in SW Washington would leave Transportation after being on it for several years as long as the hated CRC was alive.

The dems assigned her to the committee. It may or may not have been at her request. But either way, it does not serve the people of Clark County well.