Sunday, January 05, 2014

More democratian whining about Madore.

It never ends with the scum at the rag:
Jeers: The Clark County Board of Commissioners wrapped up 2013 in the same fashion they spent most of the year's first 51 weeks — with contentious debate. Commissioner Steve Stuart asked to delay the board's decision to halt payments to local chambers of commerce; David Madore and Tom Mielke opted to reiterate the reasoning behind their decision.
So, let me get this straight:

The Board minority wanted to delay a decision he had earlier approved.  He was outvoted.

That Slimeball "asked" for something is, for no reason, something that he should get.

He's outvoted.  The end.  And no amount of sniveling will undo that.

Both Madore and Mielke did what they believed to be the right thing: they've obviously reflect the will of the people (And God knows how much this despicable rag hates the will of the people) in this, so they made a decision and implemented it.

If Stuart, who originally had no problem with this, doesn't like it?

He can do us all a favor and resign.
The amount of money involved is relatively small,
There's no excuse for government wasting ANY amount of money, PARTICULARLY to organizations like the Chamber of Horrors who's sole focus on the CRC Scam has been ramming it down our throats... when the people have made their positions indelibly clear:  No to the CRC rip off.
and commissioners should be encouraged to examine all avenues for saving money.
That's the hatred seeping through.

On one hand, the scum at the democratian want the Board to "...examine all avenues for saving money."  And on the other hand, when they do THAT VERY THING, these morons whine about it.
But what remains in question is why the board made the decision last summer but didn't inform local economic groups until December.

Check with your worshiped Bill Barron.  That was his fault. Call him and find out.
Washington and Oregon counties of similar size to Clark County vary wildly in how much support they provide for local chambers, and the effectiveness of the payments is open to debate.
Not to the scumwad who wrote this whinefest.  With that clown, there's no "debate," there's only bitching that money was cut off to the downtown mafia.
But Clark County commissioners should make more of an effort to work with organizations in the region rather than constantly thumbing their noses at such entities.
Wrong on at least two levels, the phrase "...Clark County commissioners should make more of an effort to work with..." is a euphemism for "no matter how much the downtown mafia opposes the will of the people, the commissioners should just continue to dump thousands of taxpayer dollars into groups that work against the citizens of this county."

The second level?

The rag, as usual, has it's priorities completely out of order:

It's incumbent on "these entities" to "make more of an effort to work with" the commissioners, not the other way around. And since they don't care what either the people... OR the Board majority say, then they're lucky the Board has expressed the displeasure of the people this way, instead of the myriad of other ways available to them.

And that's just another confirmation that the will of the people is a meaningless speedbump to the idiots at the Lazy C.  They whine because their fellow mafia members are whining, and the rag has long since sold out to become a voice of the leftist, downtown special interests instead of a voice for the majority of this county.

Small wonder then that Lefty Lou led them into bankruptcy once before and is now doing his best to do it again.


Imagine what this publication could be if they reflected the county... instead of demanding the county reflect them.

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