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Hinton: Jayne and the other 'Duck Dynasty' attackers dodging the crucial point.

Clearly, the institutional ignorance of the democratian generally and Greg Jayne particularly seems to knows no bounds.
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Willie Robertson
(Full Disclosure:  My wife is a huge fan of the show because it displays a level of familial love and care that is never shown in any entertainment medium, and they fight for each other and stick together the way a family should.

I, on the other hand, am not all that big of a fan.  As I wrote when this blew up:

"Here's the thing: I don't watch the show.  I've seen it, but edited "reality shows" aren't real.  They're quirky, which is part of the draw... and they are as American as the day is long.  But I'm not a "reality show" fan, so I'm not in the Legion of admirers of the show."

Having given it some thought, I'd add this to the mix:

As a veteran, there's also the constant annoyance of Willie Robertson using the flag as a bandanna around his head.  I, personally, find it disrespectful that he's using the flag for what amounts to the same thing as a rag, and as a result, these issues combined mean I skip the show... but if my wife wants to watch it, that's up to her.)

I wrote about the Phil Robertson debacle about the time that it happened, and, of course, accurately described what was going to happen, both to Phil, and A&E as a result:
As I pointed out, I don't care what he said: that's completely irrelevant to me.

And unlike that fringe-left union hack, Ed Barnes, the idea that merely speaking your mind should subject you to losing your employment might fit into the Nazi meme of the left ... but it doesn't fit into the meme of freedom.

I've suffered attacks like that, and my own brother-in-law, while he was a county commissioner, took a serious shot at getting me fired because of my attacks against that empty card board cut out of a worthless congresswoman.  I've also been hammered by the worthless rag that passes as a newspaper and that scumbag that runs it.  For all the good it's done them.

It DOES, however, speak to the meme of thought control (Orwell would be proud) and the kow-towing to minor special interests who make a lot of noise while doing all they can to impose their thought control on everyone else.

A&E is going to suffer for this: since late last night, one facebook page set up to support Phil has garnered 1,317,000 likes... in about the past 28 hours.

But I actually do appreciate what A&E did here.  They finally crossed the line.  And now, this politically correct bullshit is in the center of the Arena of Ideas.

And in the end, the forces of darkness... the scum who would label anything they disagree with, any contrary thought uttered as "hate speech," are going to get their collective asses kicked, and Phil is likely to prevail without being forced to eat his words... not that he can't afford to.

Are we not entertained?
I was right in every respect.

Phil Robertson
That horse is dead: Jayne's leftist side was beaten to a pulp and, as I said he would be, Robertson has been restored to the show with what amounts to A&E's apologies.

That said, first, at least some thanks to Jayne for acknowledging that Phil had the absolute right to say whatever and however he wanted to whomever he wanted.

Most towards the fringe left don't even go so far as to acknowledge that.  Anytime anyone of any import fires up any speech opposed to the gay agenda, it's automatically hate speech.  It's a response as automatic as Lefty Lou's incessant yammering and hate speech directed towards David Madore.

Next, I absolutely agree that the First Amendment, per se', applies to government and government alone... as much as that government is now abusing it via the IRS as they abuse the 5th Amendment (among others) with the ongoing violation of our civil rights by the NSA... Jayne managing to ignore that notwithstanding.

Third, I even acknowledge that A&E had the right to commit fiscal suicide by firing him as a result.

These 3 aspects, then, match up to what Jayne said this morning in his rather blindered, antiseptic way as he set the table for another "bashing-the-right" session.

And in setting it up that way, Jayne is deliberately missing the point of the response.  Which he frequently does (miss the point) when it suits him as it fits into Lefty Lou's neo-communist meme.

I admit it: I never used the phrase "First Amendment" to describe the violation of Robertson's civil rights by A&E.  Having paid attention during the course of my PoliSci degree, I understood the nuances immediately.

But I did bring up the Nazi mentality behind the decision to fire him... it's much like the communist mentality behind the democratian.

The democratian uses their First Amendment "right" on a frequent basis to hunt down and attempt to injure or politically kill those wise enough to disagree with them.  Trashing anyone to the right of Lenin?  That's what's for dinner for Greg and his ilk.

Jayne, of course, has no difficulty with that.

The democratian hides behind the First Amendment as a cudgel.  They've long since abandoned any journalistic integrity, and with the exception of a shrinking subscriber base, none of the scum working there are ever held accountable for their media terrorism.

In this instance, Americans generally cherish the First Amendment as much as the Second... which, in reality, guarantees the First.

Most defending Phil... and clearly there were millions who supported his right to speak his mind... used the phrase "First Amendment" much the same way as people used "Xerox" as a code word for "copying."

Xerox was generally accepted as the industry giant for copying... thus the use of that label for the action of making copies.

So, today's exercise in Jayne's tortured, biased logic is a non-starter.

Jayne is serving up some red meat for his fringe-left buddies.  The comments under the article will, of course, be rife with his fellow nutters using the standard leftist shlock of hate, bigotry, tea-bagging (God how they seem fixated on a good tea-bagging) and so forth.

But in the end, this worked out the way it had to.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Phil had the right to say what he said.

A&E had the right to fire him.

And The People?

We had the right to hurt them if they did.

That's the "crucial point" that Jayne and the rabid left are dodging themselves.

Jayne even admits that he lacks the guts to speak his mind:
Look at it this way: I get paid to share my opinion by writing columns for The Columbian. But I'm sure there are some opinions that could get me suspended or fired by my bosses; I don't know that for certain, and I don't plan to test the hypothesis.
So, what does Jayne think would happen if he exercised his right to free association and became, say, a contributor to, David Madore's media center?

No matter WHAT he "wrote" for the Couv in this scenario, Lefty Lou would fire his butt at  supersonic speed.  Because that's how hatred works.

Further, does Jayne really believe that Robertson speaking his mind was but a mere exercise in "testing the hypothesis?"

And then this air of superiority, typical of the fringe-left nutter:
Still, I worry about those who were so quick to come to the defense of Phil Robertson. The knee-jerk reaction was to consider the suspension to be an attack on Robertson's religious beliefs, rather than to give thought to the man behind those beliefs.
Jayne's arrogant leftism enables him to "worry" about those of us who disagree with both Jayne and A&E's actions.  As in, those who don't see it the way of the left are stupid and objects to be pitied.  One wonders: when one of Greg's fellow communists engage in this kind of thing... is he going to come out and attack a Moeller for his rank hypocrisy and bigotry?  A Lefty Lou for his?  A Liar Leave-it for his corruption, or a Slimeball Stuart for his?

Of course not.

That's different.  Because when it comes to leftist hypocrisy, it's ALWAYS different.

Tell me, Greg, if YOU were fired for printing THIS column, what would your fellow leftist nutters say or do?


What kind of "knee-jerk reaction" would THEY have?

See, Greg, it's not just that you're a leftist, hypocritical hack, it's that you do such a poor job of it.

In this column, you manage to attack everything that many stand for, or in the alternative, a lot of things that a lot of people stand for.

You give no credit to anyone opposed to your world view.  You fail to acknowledge the rights of anyone who disagreed with you on the actions they took to force A&E to rescind their stupidity.

The crucial point that Jayne and his fellow leftist nutters miss: Where you failed here... and fail you did... was in failing to acknowledge that those of us who reacted the way we did had every right to do so, and like your sewage of a column where you just wrote what you wanted without checking with us first (under, of course, the threat of being fired if you "tested the hypothesis"), we were under no responsibility to seek your approval (or anyone elses) before we acted.

Greg, you're just pissed that your side lost.  And because you lost, you have to tell everyone locally to the right of Mao that it was because we were right wing, religious whack jobs.  Further, that we really had no reason to be upset when a figure who has reached a level among many as "beloved icon" is attacked for his beliefs, religious or otherwise. Those who care should just remain silent in your world if it doesn't meet with your... and your fellow leftist's... approval..

Well, that's not the way it's going to work.  And when it comes to the truckloads of "derp" you and that sewage plant you work for produce?

You all should have choked on it years ago.

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