Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Phil Robertson/A&E debacle.

Unlike the slimy scuz of the democratian fabricating an issue concerning uber-leftist, lying hack Ed Barnes facing a lawsuit from Don Benton, the assault against Phil Robertson is a genuine threat to our freedoms.

Regular... or even occasional readers of this blog have come to understand that I say what I think, when and how I think it.

Both Phil and I prepaid that particular benefit by doing something most of the whiny, sniveling left and gay cabal have not bothered to do: served this country by wearing its uniform and handing them a blank check where the amount was listed as "anything up to and including my life."

Phil made a statement.  Essentially, WHAT he said doesn't matter.

He is both entitled to his opinion and like me, entitled to state it.

I don't care that people may not like what he said or says.  God knows, every time, for example, that a Jim "Molehill" Moeller opens his pie hole, anything he says is far more offensive than anything Phil Robertson has said or may say in the future.

Here's the thing: I don't watch the show.  I've seen it, but edited "reality shows" aren't real.  They're quirky, which is part of the draw... and they are as American as the day is long.  But I'm not a "reality show" fan, so I'm not in the Legion of admirers of the show.

But they were millionaires before the show, and they'll be millionaires when it's gone.  So, A&E and all the leftists on the planet have no leverage to use against the Robertson family.  Which is why I wouldn't at all be surprised if the entire family went on strike and with this one, short-sighted, politically correct move, an entire network will be made to suffer, as will their advertisers, for punishing this man for speaking his mind.

I've been watching the comments of the leftists and the gay lobby: they're positively giddy over this development.  But one wonders: what would their position be if, for example, Phil had come out on their side of the equation and had lost his job as a result?

They would collectively lose their minds.

And that's just another chapter of "The Hypocrisy of the Left."

As I pointed out, I don't care what he said: that's completely irrelevant to me.

And unlike that fringe-left union hack, Ed Barnes, the idea that merely speaking your mind should subject you to losing your employment might fit into the Nazi meme of the left ... but it doesn't fit into the meme of freedom.

I've suffered attacks like that, and my own brother-in-law, while he was a county commissioner, took a serious shot at getting me fired because of my attacks against that empty card board cut out of a worthless congresswoman.  I've also been hammered by the worthless rag that passes as a newspaper and that scumbag that runs it.  For all the good it's done them. 

It DOES, however, speak to the meme of thought control (Orwell would be proud) and the kow-towing to minor special interests who make a lot of noise while doing all they can to impose their thought control on everyone else.

A&E is going to suffer for this: since late last night, one facebook page set up to support Phil has garnered 1,317,000 likes... int about the past 28 hours.

But I actually do appreciate what A&E did here.  They finally crossed the line.  And now, this politically correct bullshit is in the center of the Arena of Ideas.

And in the end, the forces of darkness... the scum who would label anything they disagree with, any contrary thought uttered as "hate speech," are going to get their collective asses kicked, and Phil is likely to prevail without being forced to eat his words... not that he can't afford to.

Are we not entertained?

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