Saturday, January 04, 2014

Brancaccio goes full scumbag this a.m.

You should never go full scumbag.

When you're psychotic about a group of people (In this case, most everyone in any kind of office smart enough to oppose his agenda) and these people have beaten you... and your agenda... to a pulp... you just can't leave it alone.

Never mind that they're the vanguard for the people of this county.

With so many issues confronting both this community and this nation, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Lefty Lou's motivations.

The problem with his usual weekly sewage, besides the fact that he has a sign in his office to remind him ("Trash Madore/Benton/Mielke at least once a week for years") because he stupidly thinks his blither will make any difference in the elections coming up that will likely throw the entirety of his political life into the shitter.... is that, as I pointed out and his own numbers have proven... he's beaten this dead horse to a pulp.

I'm not going to rehash the analysis that helped to show what a moron Lefty's been.  That much was obvious when I wrote it, and this kind of pap makes it even more so.

Brancaccio writes based on hatred.  His people take their cues from him, so they lie, exaggerate, prevaricate and allow bias to rule their writing.

The entirety of his toilet paper column this morning was, once again, an attack on Madore/Benton/Mielke.  I get why that is, and I fully understand that he can no longer lie... has he has lied so much over the years... about how the people of any part of this county... including the Vancouver Soviet, support his hated vision of loot rail being jammed down our throats.

He can't write about his ballpark scam (At least for now) because it was destroyed.

He certainly WON'T write about the CTran corruption that he supports: can you even begin to imagine what the coverage would have been had this clown actually reflected the citizens of this county in his opposition to loot rail and then had Slimeball Stuart betray us the way he did when he threw us under one of CTran's busses with that contract skullduggery?

The scumbag running the rag doesn't care about that obvious corruption, because it's corruption he supports.  He doesn't care about the Mayor of the Vancouver Soviet's corruption, because it's corruption he supports.

As the rag circles the inevitable drain of its own demise and Brancaccio does all he can to speed up the effort, one wonders: how much more important and useful would the rag be if it weren’t run by a childish, petulant jerk.

Unfortunately for Clark County, we'll likely never know, given that as psychotic as Brancaccio is, he's an extension of the owner, who is allowing this scumbag to harm this community this way.  Because when Lefty departs, he won't be the one to deal with his wreckage.  Those of us remaining behind will be.

I'm sure he was thrilled to find out that at least one of my blog posts exceeded the readership of any of his columns or any of the hit pieces he's fired out against our commissioners and Benton.  Instead of seeing that as a clue, he continues on with his obsession... and, as I suspected, beating on the commissioners as an ongoing sign of his impotence as a man and an editor because he's deceived himself, numbers to the contrary notwithstanding, that what he says makes a difference and that the thought processes and circulation of his cancer on our community is the same at 18th and Main St in Vancouver as it is in rural Amboy.

It isn't.

Getting his testicles removed and stuffed into a political jar by the voters last November must have been horrific to him.  To find out how little he matters... how little anything he writes makes any difference... even after all these years (But of course, once you've been found out to be lying scum like Lefty has, I guess it's just tough generally) must have been extremely difficult for him.

But that happens when punk bullies find out they have no power.

And this garbage from Brancaccio?

This is just the end result of that.

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