Monday, January 20, 2014

I was wrong about the Hawk's - 49er game...

... and no one is happier.

What an astounding game.

While Richard Sherman didn't do himself any favors during the postgame interview, those who hate the Seahawks anyway will now, lamely, IMHO, use the Sherman post-game as THE reason to want Denver to win.

In the modern era, there is no doubt the NFL is more WWF/WWE then a gentile debate society.

The NFL has been allowing trash-talk for several years.  When it gets out of hand, they make a half-hearted effort to tamp it down.  But like fights in hockey, if the NFL didn't want Sherman-types talking that way, they wouldn't allow it.  Period.

Sherman gave that woman what she wanted.  I wouldn't have done it, but I never had 8 interceptions in a season (Had 2 in a game, once, (The only 2 I ever had, playing linebacker.) against DMMC in Army football) and it's the kind of bread and circuses thing the NFL hungers for.

Controversy breeds ratings.

Those using this to claim that because of these few seconds, they now rabidly support Denver?

Bull.  They would have wanted Denver anyway, they're just using Sherman as an excuse.

Here's my take:

I underestimated the Seattle secondary, and over-estimated both Gore and Kaepernick (Or, Kaeperpick as, I read on the Net last night) and the SF D.

The score was close, as I thought it would be.  In the end, Seattle had enough (Both teams had exactly the same number of total yards at 308) but Beast Mode would not be denied... and Frank Gore became Frank Who?  And Aldon Smith?  After strip-sacking Wilson, he became much more... well... mundane.

Well done, Hawks.  No one who thought SF would win is happier than I am.

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