Sunday, January 19, 2014

Student Homelessness.

It was the typical article from the democratian... an annual (during or shortly before legislative session) or semi-annual article telling us how tough the homeless have it.

Well, I know how tough they have it.  I was homeless for the better part of 3 years.

Is there a homeless student problem?  How much of that are we on the hook for?  How much of it is based on choices made, either by the student or by the parent(s) of the student?

The portrayal of the family in question begs the issue: if ever anyone fit the mold for the entire welfare full-meal deal, it was this family.  Not talked about in the article was how much they're getting in aid as it is.

Why is that?

Equally important, how much more is the taxpayer supposed to pay this woman because of the decisions she made?

And taking it a step further.... how is this problem "fixed" other than shotgunning it to groups with an unquenchable thirst for our cash, like the omnivores at SHARE?

SOLUTIONS are the thing, you see.  My time on legislative staff taught me a great deal, not the least of which was that any idiot could recite a problem list: where the rubber meets the road is the recitation of an equally impressive solution list.

Did I skip over that paragraph?

Remember, dear reader: government doesn't solve problems... any problem.  What government does is apply the least amount of oil needed to the squeakiest wheel... when it's not selling us out to the special interests that seem to do a fair job of owning them outright.

But there was really no point in this article.  It's nothing not printed a 100 times before, and nothing not printed a 100 times again.

The reality is this: there are no solutions.

You cannot legislate stupid out of parents who should not get themselves into this situation.

You cannot legislate stupid out of homeless students who are choosing to be "homeless" as many do.  (And no, I'm not referring to a sick 7 year old.)

Throwing ever-increasing amounts of money at the organizations who's fangs are firmly attached to our jugular veins doesn't solve this or any other problem... except the organization's.

And maybe... just maybe... that's why the article offered up precisely zip when it comes to this issue: how can you offer up solutions when there aren't any?

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