Monday, January 20, 2014

Obama: reduced to sniveling because of race.

While there is no doubt that when a race-based segment of the voting public votes in an almost unanimous way across the country for a candidate who shares that skin color... of not genetic make up... then yes, there is a racial component.... just not the one Obama is whining about.

I have not been uniformly opposed to Obama's stupidity and the obvious damage that he's caused this country since his race-based ascension because the man is half-black.

I was no less opposed to many of the actions and policies of honorary black president Bill Clinton.  Was that because Bill was white bread like he'd been dropped out of a Wonder wrapper?

Hell, no.

While it may give Obama and his keepers some level of comfort to avoid the fact that his outcomes have been uniformly abysmal and failure has become the order of the day, race isn't the reason.

Like many narcissistic empty-suits, Obama, who surrounds himself with the same arrogant incompetence HE exhibits, cannot comprehend that as president, he has failed.  All he sees is that while he had a superior campaign, the people (Who now, suddenly, exhibit "animus" but not, apparently, when they were idiotic enough to vote him in) are now turning against him.

His race-based victories no longer match up to his multiple policy defeats: he's feeling resistance and instead of a little re-evaluation and introspection (You know, maybe Obamacare really IS a stupid idea.) he falls back to his last line of demarcation: race.

It's the act of a coward.

Here's the thing:  I don't care if you're green.

If your policies make sense... if they work... if we are better now than we were when he took over... if our economy, our foreign policy, our military were stronger, then to me?

Your only color is "American."

If it isn't, then don't put your testicles back into Michelle's jar and whine about race.  Race is irrelevant to outcomes and Barack?

Your outcomes suck.

Stop whining, you putz.  Man up, admit you've been wrong, and do what has to be done.

But race?

That's the last bastion of a coward.

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