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Here's how I called Stuart's decision not to run for re-election the week after the 2012 cycle.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steve Stuart: depression poster boy?

Now that the people have finally been heard, what does that mean for odd man out, Steve Stuart?

Well, if I'm Stuart, and I saw such a dramatic role-reversal, I'd start looking for a new rope, because here's the options... and none of them are pretty.

If Stuart thought the people were angry at Boldt, he ain't seen nothing yet.

First of all, the fact is that now, with his ascension into the actual minority (as opposed to the faux minority he was in with a fake Republican) will Stuart become that which the fishwrapper claimed was Mielke's biggest problem?
Tanner is challenging lackluster incumbent Tom Mielke, perhaps best known for the great glee with which he repeatedly announces "No!" on critical issues and creative solutions facing the county.
In clear contrast, Mielke and Madore are entrenched in party doctrine, inflexible and unreceptive to suggestions from outside their partisan camps. When the prospect of a local professional baseball team surfaced (the proposal later failed), Mielke opposed even discussing the issue.
The endorsement of the CRC lackies included the usual sheer, unadulterated idiocy the rag is known for:
For the record, Boldt is a Republican and Tanner is a Democrat, but that really doesn't seem to matter, especially in Boldt's case. He remains ensconced in the local GOP doghouse, banished there by party kingpins (to their own detriment) who believe he's not conservative enough. Meanwhile, Boldt has increased his appeal to voters who understand that smart decisions about growth, the environment and the budget are not the province of either political party.
For the record, Boldt had been acting politically in every imaginable way like a democrat; he spoke like one, exaggerated like one, lied like one and ignored the people like one.

The partisan bias that blinded Brancaccio when he wrote this garbage was clearly that: the vote totals show that literally thousands of democrats refused to vote for Boldt because of that very party affiliation this moron claimed "doesn't seem to matter."

In fact, this is the worst... and perhaps the ONLY defeat of an incumbent commissioner I can find since that idiot Bussy Nutley was tossed because of the stupidity of her Growth Management hijinks.

That said, there are two things I CAN guarantee:  Steve Stuart will no doubt, say "no" just as often, if not more often, than Tom Mielke, and there is no way in hell the rag would diss him like they did Mielke for doing absolutely and precisely the same thing AS Mielke for the next two years.

You will note that the moronic description of Boldt's actions, that he "understand(s) that smart decisions about growth, the environment and the budget are not the province of either political party," is applied to someone who ONLY adopted democrat positions, inferring that all tenets of Republicanism that Boldt were SUPPOSED to follow are, in fact, just the opposite of "smart," yet another symptom of the bias of this rag.

So, Stuart has a decision to make.  He's actually caught between something of a rock and hard place here, a location no one in their right mind would ever knowingly assume.

He can move to the right and present a unified front against the incursion of the unwanted, unneeded and unaffordable CRC scam that he has been stupidly advocating for years.... or he can become the next Marc Boldt, ending his political career and any chance he may believe he has to either continue on as a commissioner or to run for, say, Congress.

Anger is the critical element in getting rid of an incumbent.  Stuart's insistence on supporting the continued waste and extortion of the CRC will certainly achieve that.  The problem is that if he reverse "Leave-it's" this thing, if he flips, the same outcome will happen to him from the D-side as what happened to Boldt from the R side.

A well-financed Republican running in Stuart's commissioner district could make it to the general.  And if one did under these circumstances, then it would likely be all over for Stuart county-wide.

Just watching Jim "My middle name is Hussein" Moeller's head explode would be enough by itself to make it worth it.

If he sticks to his guns and just votes "no" all the time (Remember, the rag only admires right to left compromise... and abhors left to right compromise) while continuing his support of the biggest scam, outside that moron in the White House, that this region has ever seen... well, come November 2014, the electorate will tee off on him the same way they tee'd off on Boldt.... and that's not an enviable position to be in.

What's a commissioner to do?

it is reasonable to expect an immediate charter vote, for example.  It's reasonable to expect a county-wide advisory vote so weasels like Leave-it can stop acting like he believes his lies about the outcomes of this past election.

And it's reasonable to expect further lay offs and, perhaps, other pay roll reductions and retirement/benefit reductions for county employees... like, for example, every PAO.

And it's reasonable to expect that Steve Stuart will require medication very soon.
Wasn't too far off.

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