Thursday, January 30, 2014

And speaking of betrayal, MCC Republicans betray us by agreeing to state Dream Act scam.

So, the next time one of your kids is denied entrance to the UW or WSU, you can put the blame squarely where it belongs:

The Senators in the Washington State Senate.

They announced they caved today on the local version of the Dream Act where, once again, the taxpayers of this state are going to have to pick up the tab for the decisions made by illegal alien parents as the GOP again caves on yet another step in legitimizing illegals as the GOP gears up to make the democrats a gift of millions more voters.

Earlier, I asked the rhetorical question of what the hell good it is to vote GOP in Congress.

Now, I can ask the same for our legislature.

I will never vote GOP again.... period.  At any level.

The end.  I'm done with them.

Politics Northwest

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January 30, 2014 at 1:43 PM

State Senate leaders reverse course, agree to version of ‘Dream Act’

OLYMPIA — State Senate Republican leaders have agreed to authorize college financial aid for students illegally brought to the United States as children, a surprising shift that is expected to pave the way for passage of the major Democratic priority.
The Senate GOP will announce the decision at a 3:30

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