Thursday, January 30, 2014

The price for GOP perfidy on caving to illegal aliens.

I don't know... maybe it's something in the water.

The GOP generally and the House GOP particularly has sold it's soul for the political expedience of out-democrating the democrats.

And I will never vote Republican at the federal level again.

It's not like I couldn't see this coming.  With the ascension of worthless do-nothing cowards like Jaime Herrera, and the leadership of clueless morons like Cathy McMorris, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and their ilk, unable to find a testicle between them, this kind of stupidity was only a matter of time.

With this decision to out-democrat the democrats and cave to the illegal alien lobby, the GOP has locked itself into an increasing decline.

Ultimately, the hispanic vote will continue to go democrat in ever-increasing numbers primarily because the left will give them more "stuff."

Millions more will rush the borders, our own children will be shut out of our colleges and universities; our own unemployed will find it increasingly difficult to find jobs and the economic damage alone will be incalculable.

This will be a slap to the faces of those millions obeying our laws in their quests to become Americans as they are tied up and forced to watch the rape of their dignity as they are insulted and cursed by those breaking our laws with impunity... and while the GOP acts as accomplices in the rape of our Nation and our dignity.

This will be the last time these scum sell me out, and I will never vote GOP at the federal level again.


And if the more local version tries to emulate their fellows at the national level, then I won't vote GOP again, ever, at any level.

Despicable.  Disgusting.  Unacceptable.  An unforgettable betrayal of everything this nation stands for... and the death knell of the Grand Old Party.

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