Friday, January 31, 2014

The political fallout of the GOP betrayal concerning illegal aliens. The McKenna paradox as lesson.

A  political party is defined as, among other things:
“a type of political organization. It typically seeks to influence, direct, or entirely perform government policy; usually by nominating their own candidates and trying to seat them in political office.[1] Parties participate in electoral campaigns, awareness outreach, or protest actions. Parties often espouse an ideology or vision, expressed in a party program, bolstered by a written platform with specific goals, forming a coalition among disparate interests.”
In short, they act in such a way to separate themselves from competing ideologies in a marketing and organizational sense.  When, as in this case, one party allows themselves to be co-opted by the other, it effectively eliminates reasons to vote for the party in question.

The practical result of the GOP’s political expediency is the false conclusion that out-democrating the democrats will somehow result in getting better numbers at the polls.

Essentially, it’s an acknowledgement in this instance that the illegal alien presence is real and that illegal aliens vote.  It’s an effort to get illegal aliens to realign to the GOP.  It is the first in many steps the GOP will take as they begin to sink into the political abyss.

Back in the poli-sci days, we were taught that essentially, in most voting scenarios the candidates can count a roughly 40% democrat vote from the left, a 40% Republican vote from the right and the middle 20%... which is where elections are usually won or lost.

Those numbers all fluctuate depending on the politics of the day.  By every and all indications present, the number on the right is increasing while the number on the left is decreasing.

And that makes this all the more mystifying.  The GOP is winning.  The democrats are getting hammered from the top down.  It’s clearly not broken… so why are they working so hard to “fix” it?

Back in February 2012, Rob McKenna had at least a 9% lead in most polls over Inslee.  At that point, for whatever the reason, he began to tack left politically, assuming more and more democrat political positions.

The more he engaged in that strategy, which included referring to GOP Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as a “terrorist” and assuming democrat positions on the CRC and the Cowlitz Casino here locally... even going so far as to condemn the Boy Scouts for continuing their policies regarding homosexuals… (That was any of his business, why, again?) the more that advantage shrunk. The more he counted on increased support from the middle 20%, the more support he lost from his base 40%.

His self-portrayal as a metro-sexual, politically androgynous candidate ultimately cost him what should have been an easy victory.  He, truly, is a classic version of a candidate who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Precisely like the GOP at the state and federal levels.

National GOPer’s panicked at Romney’s defeat in 2012.  On paper, defeating arguably the worst president this nation has ever known SHOULD have been child’s play.  Instead of an introspective self-examination and recognition that they were out-hustled and lost in large part to superior technological edges, they immediately freaked out, wrongly blaming the loss on ideological differences that could only be fixed by moving left at warp speed.

Never mind that moving left leaves much of the base behind… a base clearly taken for granted by the geniuses running the show for the GOP… and a base that is finding itself increasingly in revolt as the RINO element holds sway.

The practical political consideration at the federal level is this: fewer people will vote for GOP candidates… not more.  I will reiterate my stance that the GOP will NOT regain the senate, in large part because of this political betrayal.

And a year from now, the national GOP will once again be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, looking for yet another part of the GOP ideology to jettison in the name of political expediency over political integrity.

People have various motivations for voting for candidates or parties.  The spectrum runs from one end, die-hard belief in a party’s tenets (“Democrat born, democrat raised,” etc). To the other: die hard opposition to a candidate. (See local leftist hatred of the GOP county commissioners)

At various stops along the way, the motivations include philosophical, financial, ideological and loyalty.  There are other reasons within these… but I believe that the primary reason a person votes is their belief in the candidate… and the tenets of the candidate’s party affiliation.

Those at the grass roots level fight for their party under the assumption that a candidate of that party’s affiliation will reflect the tenets of the party.

So, what are those grassroots to do when their party betrays them?

Many of them will just stop.

And for many of them, this is the last straw.  The list of betrayals grow as the GOP acts like an Offensive Coordeinator that can’t find the right play to win the game.

Most recently, for example, our erstwhile congressman and complete empty suit voted to cut HIS pension.

Obama's use of a Wounded Warrior as a political prop.  No mention of restoring the GOP cuts to his disability pension.

An act that the entire GOP should be ashamed of… and for.

This reiterates to me that my decision to never again vote GOP at the federal level is the right decision.  If the GOP is going to get into this unbroken loop, this historical pattern of caving on principal in the name of expediency that the left now counts on strategically… if the GOP is merely going to aid and abet the democrats shifting this nation over to the neo-communist vision the left has for this… once the greatest nation the world had ever known... then why should I vote for them?

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