Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year end review of Gov. Outslee.

Few governors in our history have been so utterly worthless and inconsequential as ol' Gov. Outslee.

His first year in office has been the same as a political black hole, marked by incessant miscalculation, arrogance, miscommunication and bad advice.

It's the kind of thing expected when one political party has been in charge of everything for so long.  They get to the point where the cocoon they live in becomes one where they don't have to pay attention to anyone or anything except their own agenda... it's the kind of thing our local disgrace of a newspaper engages in.

Does anyone remotely believe that excuse for a news organization would engage in this kind of support of an invisible, worthless failure of a governor if they had an "R" after their name?

Essentially, nothing that this empty-suited idiot demanded as an agenda ever saw the light of day.

His stupidity on the CRC Scam is well know: like the downtown mafia and the corrupt scum who threw us under the TriMet Bus, Slimeball Stuart and The Liar Leave-it; Outslee has demanded that the desires of the people of this county, now overwhelmingly expressed at the polls, be ignored and cast aside as mere nuisance in the face of the vastly superior judgment of the sleaze who believe WE, work for THEM.

Elected... not elected... vaporized... invisible.  Outslee has had all the impact on government as someone who left a hole in a bucket of water by pull their foot out: in short, none at all.

And by the end of his term, that's likely to be his political epitaph. 

Unfortunately, neither of the two choices we were offered last year were worth a damn... so we were screwed either way.

But that's what happens when the Bellevue Mafia decides to coronate a RINO for Governor.  You'd think they'd have learned with Rossi.

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