Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year end review of Lefty Lou.

Something, apparently, broke inside that moron's head when the voters county-wide destroyed his vision and proved his ineffectiveness in molding public opinion.

November of 2012 had a set of results in them at the ballot box that so damaged Lefty''s brain that he will likely never recover.

Those he supported the most lost at the ballot box: his boy Marc Boldt, formerly so despised by this very rag while a state representative that the late, unlamented Tommy the K stupidly demanded he resign... because he was, at the time, wise enough to cut Gorge Commission funding in half and successfully coordinate that effort with the legislature in Oregon.  That, no doubt, contributed to Tommy's demise.

Shortly after he was elected, however, Boldt became a democrat.  He neglected to let anyone outside his fellow democrats know, however, continuing to claim his allegiance to the GOP, even though he repeatedly and routinely voted for the vast majority of democrat initiatives... property and sales tax increases, authoring that horrific development of the CTran district, designed entirely to exclude tens of thousands of rural voters from having any say, but not from having to pay Marc's tax increases.  Marc also voted against our 2nd Amendment rights (against my advice) and lied to me directly about a county-wide advisory vote on the CRC Scam... all of which made his fellow leftists forget all ABOUT their former hatred of the co-opted commissioner.

And he was crushed at the polls in a bi-partisan manner that forced Lefty to look in a mirror and confirm how out of touch and how hated Lefty's lies, extortions, exaggerations and efforts to silence the opposition to his pet Scam actually were.

Joe Tanner outspent Tom Mielke 8 to 1... and he, too was crushed at the polls where it matters... and that just served to re-enforce Lefty's worthlessness to this community.

Yes, something snapped in Lefty that day.  And about every weekly spew from this clown since, wherein he engages in his anti-Madore/Mielke/Benton fetish, combined with the BJ a low-level employee gave him... the lie about how Lefty acts towards others... combined with his 8000th attack article (And 750th cup-shilling effort... one wonders: where's that money going and how much is that despicable rag charging the democratian scuz-ball for his weekly "two editors, one cup" screed?)

His idiocy that the population of this county should voluntarily walk away from using the polls to give their position on the issues confronting us shows a depth of stupidity difficult to top for a human not locked up in an asylum.

And, like most of his idiocy, his plea that those nasty conservative commissioners be put in their place by, effectively, voting "no" on all transportation-related advisory votes... was overwhelmingly rejected, as were his positions on the issues at hand generally, particularly his loot rail scam... which actually lost everywhere, gaining the support of 5 precincts in Vancouver out of the 226 precincts in this county.

Lefty hasn't taken well to his rejection across the county.  Instead of, for example, ever acknowledging his abuse of this community (The way Campbell, I am assured, forced him to acknowledge his abuse of employees) and becoming more reflective of the people of this county... instead of apologizing for what he and his fellow leftists/downtown mafia ilk have done to this community in wasting almost $200 million in tax dollars for a scam that this community does not want, he indulges himself in his anti-Madore, et al, fetish.

The country is melting around our ears: fiscal, domestic and foreign policy debacles abound: attacks on privacy and freedom of speech are the rule of the day... and what does he babble about?

Our commissioners and his silly-assed cups.

I get his frustrations.  I get that he's been rendered worthless and shown up to be just another play ground punk.  I get  that his putsch failed, and that Slimeball Stuart looks like a petulant jerk.. I get that it sucks to be Lefty.  I get all of that.

Of all the dead horses this slimeball could kick, the one based on his anti-Madore fetish is the least important... and the least effective.  Politically, Stuart is dead man walking.  And Lefty's efforts to poison the well by tying an unknown candidate against Slimeball, who, if he's stupid enough to actually run again, will lose... to Dasvid Madore?

That might make his tingly bits feel good... but it won't do anything to save Stuart... any more than it did anything to save Boldt.

Here's a clue, lefty: the CRC Scam is the 8000 pound gorilla in the room.  And no amount of your whining, sniveling and complaining about Madore is going to change that fact... and nothing Struart can do will save him from that reality.

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