Sunday, December 08, 2013

When CRC Scammers lie... again.

You remember the babble of the CRC Liars, don't you?

"Oh... my... GOD!  If we don't build it now, WE'LL HAVE TO WAIT TEN YEARS JUST TO TAKE ANOTHER RUN AT IT!!!!"

Mussolini Mikey babbled that lie repeatedly.  Not very bright, that.  Gullible to partisan hackery... but not too intelligent.

Few of the scum shilling this rip off ever told the truth about it.  Public/elected officials like democrat commissioner Slimeball Stuart who are SUPPOSED to be looking out for us admit that they don't give a rat's ass what we think... or want... or how we vote on the issues.

They were, of course, lying then.  They are, of course, lying now.

They hate to be ferreted out.  To that extent, the pit yorkie, AKA, John Laird, was  partially right: it's just that he had the wrong target:

There are cockroaches involved in this scam: the two biggest ones locally include the scumbag Governor of Oregon and the empty-suited moron Governor of Washington.

Secondary to those two liars are our community scum: the aforementioned Slimeball Stuart, Tim "The Liar" Leave-it,  Larry "The Disgrace" Smith, Bart "The Fart" Hansen and Ron "Yeah I'm Slow" Onslow, as despicable a group as was ever fraudulently elected.

In this instance, we've got the lying scumbag running Oregon babbling that pots of federal money are laying around, gathering dust, just waiting for Oregon to get off the dime and ram this crap pile down the citizenry of Clark County's throat... a 45 year-long fiscal rape... to stuff loot rail up our collective ass for the next 4 decades plus of ever-increasing tolls and ever decreasing utilitarian value to the populace they would screw over.

The people in a dozen different ways have made it clear: we do not want this.  We don't want any of it.

In the face of that opposition, scumbags like Kitzhaber, Inslee and Stuart blow the people off.

They make statements that are repeatedly shown to be false, acting as if we don't notice they lie to us... repeatedly.

And then, Kitzhaber comes out with additional lies... but the number of lies are so vast and come so often.... were they lying over the fake 10 year part of their scam?

Or are they lying now; that the non-existent money "remains available" for this massive extortion?

The only thing... the ONLY thing that government at any level has going for it is credibility.

The slimeball running the show, Obama, has been out as a liar with an institutional inability to tell the truth.  The result?

At this point, at least, dems stand to get slaughtered next November.

So, what happens when government at the state and city level lie their collective asses off, get caught in the process, and continue to lie?

Slimeball Stuart and the other 4 dwarfs screwed over the people of this county by signing a contract that was illegal at every level.  They agreed to pay TriMet $5 million when we tell them to drop dead.

That's $5 million more wasted, of course, but wasted it is.

However, given the up to $10 billion they would waste on this rip off, $5 million is chump change and this community would be thrilled to pay it to rid ourselves of the fungus that is TriMet and the corruption they represent.

They want to spread the the loot rail that is the social disease of technology they worship on the other side of the river.

As the president devalues the will of the people, and breaks our laws with impunity, he sets the example all of the CRC Scammers are following.

The parallels between the scam that's Obamacare and the scam that's loot rail are many and obvious.  The disrespect of the American voter by those scum shilling the horrific mistake of Obamacare is the same as the disrespect our state and city political leadership are sticking to us.

Those shilling Obamacare from the top down have lied their collective asses off; those shilling the CRC Scam have lied their collective asses off.

Those who made promises concerning what Obamacare is and what it will accomplish have lied their collective asses off; the CRC Scammers shilling the CRC ripoff have lied for years about every aspect of this project, including their promises of the impacts and so-called "benefits"  of this pathetic theft.

Trillions of waste and unmitigated pain are involved at the federal level; billions of waste and unmitigated pain at the local level... brought about by those who get off on our misery.

Kitzhaber's problem?

He's lied too many times about this before.  There's no reason to start to believe him now.

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