Monday, December 09, 2013

As announced here 6 weeks ago: next democrat speed bump in the 3rd CD - Bob Dingethal.

Six weeks or so ago, this blog (meaning me) broke the news that democrat Bob Dingethal was also running against Ridgefield Barbie.  Today, he apparently formalized his effort to be the latest set of roadkill in the 3rd CD.

The democratian should have just called him when I broke the news.  But then, scooping that worthless rag IS one of my hobbies.

Look, it's not that I think highly of the cardboard cutout of a congresscritter we're stuck with.  I don't... she shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, her "representation" is so worthless.

It's that this is a GOP district.  And come the day after election day next year, it's STILL going to be a Republican district.

The fact is that like Herrera or, like me, loath her aside, reading Dingethal's fringe-left idiocy of a campaign announcement reveals no compelling argument to get rid of Herrera: that's a GOP argument as she, in fact, should be replaced with someone to the right of Mao who will actually DO something... a mission she seems incapable of accomplishing.

From all accounts, Bob's a nice guy and all that, but he's going to have to campaign on a platform that supports the dual edged sword of corruption known as the theft and extortion called Obamacare AND shill the rip off that is the CRC Scam.

We know how well that's worked out for the fringe left:

The tiny red area represents the fringe-left nest that supports the CRC Scam.  The rest of the county crushed it.

Politically, the man is dead before he even moves.

The fact is that 2014 is shaping up as 1994 all over again.  An understandably partisan hack like Bob would do nothing to change the tone in DC, and he'd do nothing but vote in lockstep for that moron in the White House's agenda.

As an admitted "career politician," Dingethal doesn't seem to have any elected experience of any kind, and appears to be just another democrat sucking at the government tit.

Herrera or any other Republican would have little difficulty dispatching Dingethal.

I just left the following message on his facebook page:
Thanks for running, Bob.... now, if you'll just tell us what you're going to do to stop the CRC and to repeal Obamacare?

Because if you're not going to work towards either, you're just wasting your time here.

What are chances he'll answer?  And what we'll that answer be?

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