Saturday, December 07, 2013

More fringe-left garbage from the democratian: Shadowy reporters losing their grip.

With additional confirmation that the scum writing for the democratian put fingers to keyboard as if the leftist were paying them by the word, once again, I point out the hypocrisy... the double-standard, the basic failure of anything approaching "journalism" that was today's turd of a column by "shadowy" columnist Dana Milbank.

I'm impressed by his ability to throw a hissy fit because his dumb ass was kept out of ALEC meetings.  I get that he exists in a bubble where only organizations to the right of Mao are to be referred to as "shadowy," and the Shining Path democrats would never, ever consider anything underhanded or private in their dealings... nor would they ever consider keeping a rep from, say, "The Weekly Standard" or some other conservative publication or organization from attending, say, strategy meetings at their communist organizational efforts like, say, Media Matters or some such.

I say that, because, well, even to a scumbag like Millbank, if that were true, he surely would have mentioned it... wouldn't he?

And that's the thing.

Milbank is entitled to his positions, no matter how ignorant, moronic, biased and, well, stupid they may be.

But in the pursuit of his paid gig of trashing anyone to the right of Lenin, should he at least make some tiny effort at fairness?

It's like, in Milbank's stilted view of the world, billionaire scum like George Soros and that asshole that wasted millions trying to steal Jan Angel's state senate election doesn't exist... or if they do exist, it's just the tiniest bit odd that he doesn't mention them.

What... not "shadowy" enough?

But you can tell the kind of shtick he was going for, by the ignorant, fringe-left haters who commented... and who also hang out on the neo-communist Vancouver Citizens for Flattening Madore facebook page.

That's who these slime write for.  No balance... no fairness... and an unsubstantiated opinion from a former member... unbalanced by any quote from any of the hundreds of members in the organization.

When you've got a left wing opinion, you are of course, welcome to it, no matter how idiotic it is.  But if you're going to use a paper as a platform to beat the crap out of someone or something, the failure to present a balancing perspective just sinks you to the level of a brancaccian bully: the worst kind of scum, the type who pull the wings of flies for kicks.

And Milbank, if that's what you were looking for, you nailed it.

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