Saturday, December 07, 2013

In development: "Don't write stupid stuff" mug

We all know what a narcissistic, self-flagellating asshole Lefty Lou and his "two-editors, one cup" fetish is all about.

His reason for living is to get rid of the conservative control of the board of commissioners.  Part of that is the slime he's oozing over his cup sales: understandable considering how desperate the democratian is for revenue given how much Lefty has cost them.

Fair, after all, is fair: so, in response to the stupidity he's exhibited generally, and specifically since he got his ass handed to him in basket a year ago in the elections where, once again, his bizarre world view was overwhelmingly crushed by this community and Commissioner David Madore  was elected to replace democrat Commissioner Marc Boldt and Commissioner Tom Mielke easily won re-election... I'm going to market a "Don't write stupid stuff" mug.

I'm looking for design ideas, but the prominent theme of the mug will be a message aimed directly at the scum of the democratian.

The preliminary design is going to look something like this:

Lefty Lou's face will be exchanged with every other lackey at the democratian.

Cups can be ordered by name... and that way, maybe one of us can sit in the front row and shill them... much like the scumbag editor of the democratian did at a recent Clark County Commissioner meeting... only to lie about it, claiming that he had no IDEA he was actually doing that... the kind of bald-face lie leftist scum are known for.

Every nickel of profit will go to charity, specifically, evenly-divided between a food bank and a veteran's relief organization.  (Haven't nailed it down yet, but that's going to happen)

I'll have a few 8 ounce and 14 ounce mugs made and then I'll start taking orders.

They will likely fly out by the case.

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