Friday, December 20, 2013

The reeking irony of today's editorial by the Lazy C: "A waste of our money."

They seriously titled a column "A waste of our money."

This silly excuse for a newspaper... that has advocated the waste of tens of millions for so-called "downtown redevelopment," that has supported city efforts to silence the voters... twice... that has participated in the non-stop lies, exaggerations, half truths and attacks against those opposed to the waste of local BILLIONS on the CRC Scam, to include attacking them personally and repeatedly, going so far as to refer to us as "cockroaches" and that sort of thing... is actually complaining about waste of our money at the federal level...

...without uttering a peep in opposition to the almost $200,000,000 wasted so far, and additional $100,000,000 sucked out of our local economy for each of the next 45 years...

... all to bring the hated loot rail into Clark County.

Once again, the rag exhibits that famous hypocrisy Lefty Lou is known for.

For this rag to criticize the waste of money ANYWHERE else... without attacking it here?

Words almost fail me.


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