Friday, December 20, 2013

Dingethal continues to disappoint.

Few not on the hard core left are as opposed to Jaime Herrera continuing to waste our time in office than I.

As an appointed/elected official, Jaime Herrera has been a worthless, self-aggrandizing putz who uses her sick child as a political accessory.  She has accomplished nothing on the CRC Scam, voted to raise the debt ceiling at least twice; and, of course, voted to harm our disabled, combat-wounded veterans with her most recent budget vote.


I would cheerfully support someone of any party who would replace her and actually represent US.

Bob Dingethal, apparently, is not that guy.

I've been asking him for his positions on the two most pressing issues confronting us today: Obamacare on the national level and the CRC Scam here locally.

So far: cricket chirps.

We've already got a coward in office who lacks the guts/intelligence to hold open town hall meetings and who repeatedly fails to keep us informed on her positions on the issues confronting us.  There's no point in supporting another coward like Dingethal, given his failure to respond to these two, simple, questions.

These are, in part, the essence of this political race.  Dingethal isn't stupid: he knows he has no chance to win if he supports either of these two huge rip offs... and he knows, as a leftist, that if he opposes either, scum like Molehill will "Haugen" him in the upcoming election and the fringe-left nutters running the democrats around here would run someone against him in the primary.

So, what does he do?

He lacks the guts to state his positions... not because he doesn't have any... but because his party won't allow him to tell the truth, either way.

The problem he has is that he's screwed no matter what he does.

If he were to actually pledge to reflect the will of the people of this district, which democrats scum like Slimeball Stuart refuses to do, he'd get trashed by his own party and lose all their support, because the left isn't anything if they're not a group that hates the will of the people.

If he comes out mouthing the party line, particularly in what appears to be an electoral black hole for the left known as next November, he'd be lucky to get 35% of the vote... yet another political massacre... and he'd have as much a chance to get elected as a child molester.

While it sucks to be him, I get that he's got a tough decision to make.  The idea that he can just run without stating his positions on these issues is absurd... but in the early running, that's the kind of cowardice and lack of responsiveness that he's appearing to show.

As for me, if he had any guts and if he would do all he could to kill the CRC Scam/Obamacare, I'd vote for him.  The GOP in the House has proven itself worthless and has accomplished nothing except to vote to harm disabled veterans for years... and I no longer care if the GOP keeps the House or gets the Senate.

But I will not vote for a coward, and both Herrera and Dingethal seem to qualify.

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