Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year in review

In no particular order, and not, by any means, a complete list... but here are my top stories.

Phil Robertson A&E debacle.

Idiocy of the highest order: a comical caving to the fringe-left gay lobby:  Had Phil came out on their side of this issue and subsequently been fired, these same people would have lost their collective minds in attacking the decision.

I don't watch the show.  But the principle transcends my lack of viewership

It’s leftist/gay hypocrisy of the highest order.

The CRC Zombie Scam

Kudos to Sen. Ann “Bridge Killer” Rivers and Sen. Curtis King for standing together along with every other senator to the right of Mao (Which lets out that moron from the 49th, Scumball Annette Cleveland (Communist-49)) for their efforts, successful to date, to kill the Hydra that is the rip off known as the CRC Scam.

While Oregon is attempting a “Screw Clark County Alone” approach, aided by the twin Morons of Evil, aka Kitzhaber and Outslee, which looks unlikely to ever see the light of day for the same reasons the last effort drowned.

The fringe-left whackers trying to ram loot rail down our throats are going to pay for this… big time.  Slimeball Stuart’s political career is effectively over… and no democrat is likely to ever see the light of day on the commission for the foreseeable future as Stuart gets “Boldted” next November, in part because he’s an asshole, but also in part of his perfidy on the CTran/TriMet extortion and his years-long blind obedience to the Portland special interests and the Vancouver downtown Mafia who own him like we have no 13th Amendment.

Armed personnel in school

Just a few days ago, Rep. Liz Pike’s position of having armed personnel or armed teachers in school was borne out by the results of an 80 second attack at a school that ended when the punk who’d shot a couple of kids realized that the armed deputy sheriff assigned to the school was going to punch his ticket, causing him to off himself.

Collapse of Obama.

I have known (and stated) that Obama is a clueless incompetent who has no idea what he’s doing, and who has an agenda to wreak havoc on the people of this country.

His multiple failures have built up like lead poisoning: Benghazi, the IRS attacking conservative groups, his mishandling of foreign policy and the rank idiocy of the debacle known as Obamacare.

CRC Scam/CTran rip off agreement

The scum who raped this county on the CTran/TriMet contract that no one was allowed to see or comment on before it was signed.

Slimeball Stuart, The Liar Leavitt, Scumbag Smith, Bart The Fart, Oh no Onslow… names that will live in infamy.


Jaime Herrera has done everything I was sure she would do… and less.

As utterly worthless an elected official as I have ever seen, her latest outrage was to shaft our disabled veterans by screwing them… and us… with her RINO vote on the latest budget.

Further, although having served as both a state and federal representative, Ridgefield Barbie has accomplished absolutely nothing on anything generally, and on the CRC Scam particularly.  With her biggest donor being bridge contractor Kiewit (For $15,000) and her lack of intellect combined with her cowardice she is completely worthless to the people of this congressional district.

Jihad/coup attempt at county/Madore derangement syndrome

Reminiscent of the 3rd Reich, Slimeball Stuart and the scumbag running the democratian coordinated an effort to have a local version of the Beer Hall Putsch with a serious effort to force… well… SOMETHING to happen that would cause the conservatives controlling the commission generally and David Madore specifically to resign because they didn’t happen to like the completely legal hiring of Don Benton to run the wreck known as Environmental Services.

Of course, given that the hiring was legal, except for causing fringe-left scum to vapor lock, it availed them nothing.

Lou Brancaccio is psychotic about David Madore.  Having been show to be completely irrelevant to the political process by the massacre of the democrats for the commission that Lefty Lou had rabidly supported in the last election, Lefty has been using the legal hiring of Benton as an excuse to engage in his OCD-type jihad against David Madore… which has gotten him precisely dick.

Pit Yorkie replaced by covert leftist.

The complete asshole known as John “pit Yorkie” Laird, a thoroughly discredited clown is no longer working for the democratian.  He has been replaced by another leftist (And you knew his replacement had to be to the left of Lenin, or Lou never would have hired him for the job) named Greg Jayne.

At first, Jayne appeared to be much more measured and fair in his columns, but over time, that veneer has worn off and his positions seem to be exactly the same as Laird’s, albeit with a tad more polish.

The joke of the democratian pay wall.

In yet another sign of the financial disaster that has been Lefty Lou at the helm (One bankruptcy down, another hopefully permanent one to go), the Lazy C has foolishly made an effort… although, by all appearances, a lame effort… to actually charge people for going to their web site… a plan that was and is DOA.

Gotta wonder: has ANYONE bothered to pay this garbage?

Collapse of House GOP/caving/budget cowardice

The GOP has a habit… a quite predictable habit… of engaging in political expediency.

They put up a fight… for a while… knowing all along that they’re going to cave in the end.

That makes them less than worthless. And it’s a big part of why I’ve ditched the GOP.

Jaime Herrera using her baby as a political accessory.

Few things in politics have been more despicable than Herrera using her baby as a political accessory.  Her child does not represent a reason to keep her in office: on the contrary, it’s a reason for her to LEAVE office… unless, of course, she puts her title ahead of her daughter.

And she’d never do THAT…

…would she?

Obama cost us $10 billion in the GM/UAW scam

The final tally is in and thanks to that empty-suited moron in the white house, his bailout of the union scum in the UAW cost each man, woman and child in this country something over $300… each… for his political cronyism… the kind of thing that brought us the LEGENDARY Chevy Volt.

GOP craps on disabled/retired veterans

Among others, our worthless turd of a congresswoman voted to hurt military retirees generally and disabled veterans specifically when she caved on the budget scam.

She didn’t do it alone, of course: every fricking RINO in House Leadership (Including Cathy McMorris, Herrera’s puppet master) went along with screwing our most vulnerable veterans while giving federal civilian pensions a complete pass.


Punishing lawful gun owner effort failed/include recalls

The move by the gun grabbers to punish lawful gun ownership appears to have stalled… and a message was sent in Colorado when the two most rabid leftists behind that garbage were unceremoniously kicked out of office via the first successful recalls in Colorado history.

Two competing initiatives are likely to confront us next November: one is moronic and unenforceable while accomplishing no other aim but punishing lawful gun ownership, and the other serves to protect our rights as legal gun owners.

The leftist politicians are failing to do what must be done: making it so expensive for gun criminals to USE guns in crime that they wouldn’t think of using a weapon to commit a crime.

County charter

A couple of years ago, democrats Slimeball Stuart and Marc Boldt killed the charter movement.  Given the loss of control of the county commission when conservatives took it over from the pro-CRC Scum, and given their failure to set up any kind of recall given that neither Madore nor Mielke have broken the law, changing the makeup of the county commission by charter was all they have.

So now, an effort is underway to overturn the last election via the county charter.

Stuart declares he doesn’t represent us.

In yet another self-placed nail in his political coffin, Slimeball Stuart admitted on video that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the people think or want:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people... I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
CRC crushing defeat at the polls.

As I’ve been saying for years, the lies of the various bogus polls from the democratian notwithstanding, the people of this county do not want the CRC Scam

Given the opportunity to vote on this rip off, the people returned numbers not unlike the last vote where loot rail was crushed, where 71 out of 76 precincts in Vancouver and EVERY OTHER PRECINCT IN CLARK COUNTY, voted against this rip off.

An utterly crushing defeat for the scum in the downtown mafia and the democratian.

The biggest lies in US History.

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

“This is going to save a family of 4 $2500 per year in lower premiums.”

Of course, when your president is a lying scumbag, this sort of thing is to be expected.

Inslee failures

In state politicians, Outslee is second only to Herrera in his utter worthlessness.  Little if any of his agenda ever saw the light of day, with abysmal failures on gun control, tax increases, and the CRC his year one legacy.

Acting like he’s owned by Oregon, his decision to ignore the people of Clark County as he joins with Oregon’s scumbag efforts to jam this multi-billion dollar loot rail project down our throats he showing, once again, that he played far too much football without a helmet.

LaCenter rot.

The LaCenter city government, which has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cowlitz Economic Blackhole Tribe, has been a pond of sewage for the entirety of Jim “Screw the people” Irish’s tenure.

Details have been provided by Chief Deputy Sheriff Erin Nolan whose report has blown the lid of that den of inequity.

Hillsboro Hops

Having played a minor role in killing Slimeball Stuart’s dream of forcing the entire county to pay for HIS ballpark scam, I have to admit a high level of admiration to the City of Hillsboro who could, and did, find a way to build 50% more facility for 25% less money that the Ballpark Scammers wanted here in a location that made sense… without anything approaching a tax increase or an effort to screw the people of their city or county… unlike Slimeball’s effort.

On the plus side, Ron Arp, chief mouth for the Yakima Millionaires was bounced off the school board, likely because of his part in that stupidity.

Well done to Hillsboro.

GOP amnesty

Another reason to dump the GOP RINOs?

It’s pretty clear that they’re going to cave on amnesty because, after all, “caving” is what the GOP does.

Curtis King line in the sand

King set the tone for this year’s defeat of the CRC Scammers early on when he presented his conditions to support replacing the bridge… conditions that included stripping off loot rail, raising the bridge height, ten lanes for cars, 2 for buses plus HOV lanes, while actually serving to increase traffic flow.

Scum like Molehill claims that the GOP has never offered a “compromise.”  Molehill’s hypocrisy and lies notwithstanding, the King letter is that.

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