Monday, November 04, 2013

The most obvious lie of the Obama Scam Administration: when have we had enough?

In a tenure of lies, distortions, exaggerations and general incompetence, have the American people finally had enough?

Everyone alive knew what the deal was with the Obamacare scam: it was and is a lie; end to end, top to bottom.

You cannot add the regulations and coverages this moron has required and somehow have health care premiums drop.  I, for example, should not have to be covered for maternity care, given both my gender and my age... but were I ever to sign up for this idiot's sham program... I would be.

You cannot get rid of the pre-existing exclusions restrictions and somehow make it cheaper.

You cannot add millions of illegal aliens, no matter what's being done to give them amnesty, and have it cost less.

The more gullible, like the porcine little dwarf running for city council in Battle Ground... the most partisan in their hackery, would like you to believe the biggest liar the White House has ever known.

Well, I've got to tell you: that's a great deal like believing a leftest scum bag running for mayor opposed to tolls.  And how'd that work out for us... eh, Timmy?

The left has shredded Mr. Lincoln's old saw about fooling people.  They've taken it to unheard of levels, which does not bode well for this country and more and more of the political scum emulate these liars for their own political gain... like the scum we have locally have done so long on the CRC Scam.

When can we believe a politician?  How does that work?

Well, you can't.  Politicians generally are the reverse of the time honored American tradition of  "innocent until proven guilty."  When you have genuine scum like our current president, the approach must be reversed to "guilty until proven innocent."

For most adults with the thinking capacity beyond that of a 7th grader, Obama was always suspect.  He would promise the moon plus two dollars and routinely fail to deliver.

He's been a disaster on the economy, a disaster on illegal aliens, a disaster on domestic policy, a disaster on foreign policy. 

Like most of his leftist ilk, he holds the military in utter contempt.

He operates from a position wherein his default process is to presume that we're all stupid, and that he's the smartest guy in the room.

Clearly, he is not that.

This man and the scum working for him, stood in front of uncountable cameras and told us The Lie of his Administration.:

Leftists, of course, as well as the administration, are doing their best to engage in some of that revisionist history these scum are so bent on changing...

But the fact is that these clowns have been lying... for years.

When have we had enough?

What does that look like?

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