Monday, November 04, 2013

Reading the election tea leaves.

Turn out is horrific, beaten down in large part because of the frenetic local attack media spewed incessantly by the cancer on our community.

Here's where I think lefty Lou, et al, have completely missed the boat.

Having lost... huge... in the last election, the fringe-leftists (including the scum at the democratian) conspired to find ways to overturn the expressed will of the people.

Their first huge failure?

Pressuring Commissioners Madore and Mielke to get in line with their idiocy.

That got them precisely no where.

Failing that, they conspired with Commissioner Steve "Slimeball" Stuart to launch what amounts to a good old fashioned putsch.

Who can forget his childish idiocy that night?

Leftists coalesced around their fake outrage. 

And that's been their mistake:  Because the leftists are stoked with their make-believe anger... they believe EVERYONE is angry.

Here's the bulletin:  they're not.

Anger is a powerful catalyst in removing incumbents (Ask Marc Boldt) but the anger these morons were counting on seems to be missing.

I thought about that last night... and did a little checking for the signs.

Here’s the thing: Turlay is talking issues.

"The Liar" and his fellow lying scum are talking about Turlay and Madore… and can’t talk about the issues.

And that is a sign you’re losing.  If the people are on your side on the issues, then you talk issues.

Next, let's take a couple of the leading fringe-left sites that the democratian wasted our time shilling:

Let's check out the scum at; Their bogus PAC appears to be called "Clark County is not For Sale."  Particularly at the $2997 THEY raised.

If their records are to be believed... and since they're typically whining leftists, there's no telling... and also, no money coming in since June 14.

Clark Forward is the other leftist front group: they're not very big on paperwork, having violated PDC rules by failing to report expenditures for months now... but then, that's what they do.

Here's the anger they were hoping to tap in to:

In August, they raised a stunning $244.75

In September, they really worked it an put together $100.

And in October... man, they burned it DOWN by raising... another $100.

The total they raised?


Wow.  That shows a HUGE groundswell.... of nothing.

Now... let's combine that with an abysmal turnout... and what do you get?

Trouble for the Pro-CRC Scammer element.

The rag's perspective, as usual, appears to be quite wrong.  My perspective, that Brancaccio, Rice and the other scum at the democratian have beaten this dead horse to a pulp has not resulted, apparently, in what they were... and no doubt are.. hoping for... looks to be quite right.

The anger they needed... the anger Lefty Lou and his fellow scum have been doing all they can to whip up simply isn't there.

It's hard to whip up anger when the sole object of that effort is David Madore... and Madore seems to be doing what the people want... And without that anger?

These scum have nothing.

I would not be surprised if the CRC Scammers lost everywhere.

The little data points are telling.  The low turn out... no one bidding for a lunch with Leave-it at the recent Veteran's fund raiser... the fact the slime counting on raising money for their hate groups came up with nothing...

From appearances, the necessary anger these morons needed to overturn our local government simply isn't there... and in fact, has never been there.

The so-called "single-issue" voters are likely the ones to turn out.

This could be very... very bad for the Downtown Mafia.

Imagine, if you will, the impacts of an anti-CRC sweep at the city council level.

Leave-it has no problem imagining it... neither does Stuart.  That's why those two scum along with Onslow, Smith and Hansen screwed this entire county by bending us over for TriMet instead of waiting until after the election.

Imagine the impacts on our local rag.

What a delicious possibility.

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Lew Waters said...

As I said yesterday and Brancaccio & Campbell ought to heed, nearly twice as many people voted for Madore than buy the Columbian on any given day of the week.

If they continue alienating so many in the county, it will soon be nearly three times as many voted for Madore ;-)