Tuesday, November 05, 2013

So... what's today's election mean, locally?

What's it all mean?

What will it mean if the Downtown Mafia/democratian cabal is successful?

What will it mean if sanity prevails and honest people are elected?

First, any Downtown Mafia victory will be spun as support for the democratian agenda, which is, after all, written and directed by the special interests of downtown Vancouver.

The moron running that despicable rag of a newspaper, Lefty Lou, tipped his cards with this idiocy a few days ago:
 “If Leavitt wins, it will signal that we’re growing tired of where Madore is leading this county.”
That's how Lefty Lou will spin it, of course: but that's just a sign... another sign... that this clown believes the universe begins and ends within the city limits of Vancouver: because whatever the voters of Vancouver do, that may have zero application on THIS side of those city boundaries.

The Downtown Mafia scum know that, but since they lie with the frequency they breathe, they'll continue to emulate Obama on his signature extortion, and lie anyway.

Rerun last November's election... right now... today... and Madore/Mielke would win again, ANYWAY, because the Mafia/democratian's efforts to divide this community have from all appearances, backfired.

The issues the fringe-left believe overshadow the 8 million pound gorilla of the CRC Scam in our community's living room frankly do not.  The hatred the rag, the mafia, the fringe left espouses is of startlingly shallow depth and breadth. Lefty Lou's efforts to keep HIS hatred front-burner have appeared to fail by any measure.

This is indicated by the zero mention lately of the fringist organizations that sprang up over night in response to the Brancaccio/Stuart anti-Madore jihad... and their subsequent withering on the vine... no money, no impact... no care.

Combine that with an abysmal turn out... 

Nothing could be more entertaining than a lame duck city council, a lame duck mayor, and a lame duck CTran Board.

But if the leftists don't turn out (and that does not appear to be the case given, perhaps, the most pathetic numbers I've ever seen) then it appears they're in trouble.

Of course, the GOP side could be just as screwed up.

If things go as they appear they might, it will be fascinating to see how Identity Vancouver, the Chamber of Horrors and that ilk play it.  Perhaps they'll be mass suicides of those who would do harm to tens of thousands of us if they were to get their agenda in place.  If they lose, politically?

Then it will be... mass suicide for them.

Of a political variety.

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