Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another day of inaction by Jaime Herrera on the CRC Scam.

So, yet another year... month... week... day has gone by while Jaime Herrera does absolutely nothing about the CRC Scam.

She apparently failed to notice the outcome of the loot rail vote, because the giant, gaping maw of a black hole that is her office has yet to comment on the crushing defeat the Scam suffered.  But then... what else is new?  Since she tossed us under the Obamacare bus by stupidly voting to end the shut down, she's (Well, her puppet masters) have been strangely quiet... even for her.

Three years after getting into Congress... six years after she was dumped on us in the state legislature... she has accomplished precisely nothing on the CRC rip off.

Nothing on bridge height.

Nothing on loot rail.

Nothing on mitigation.

Nothing on legislation of any kind, since she hasn't introduced any.

This Scam is getting derailed because of the troops on the ground doing her work.

She could have killed this years ago.  And, except for the occasional letter, press release and allowing Tim "The Liar" Leave-it to publicly cave her political head in a couple of years back... what, precisely, has she done about the CRC Scam?

Absolutely nothing.

Earning her the sobriquet of "Nothing."

As in, Jaime "Nothing" Herrera.  Because since we rather foolishly elected her to Congress... that's what she's accomplished:


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