Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Tea Party is on the rise again...

With their rabid and prescient opposition to Obamacare, the Tea Party has once again started to spool up the political ladder... and at precisely the right time.

The left hates the TP... but then, the left hates any group or individual that opposes their agenda.  One need look no farther than our own disgrace of a newspaper and, say, David Madore, for example.

It's not just the left, of course: the so-called "establishment GOP" hates them as well, because, first, the Tea Party involvement means they have to work hard to hang on to power and, on occasion, have to work harder just to remain in office.

In my experience, the hatred expressed towards the Tea Party is roughly evenly divided between the two sides: those who sympathize with or who are a part of the TP are constantly bombarded with the outright hatred of the left, or the lectures about pragmatic politics from the so-called "moderates."

Recently, for example, the "moderates" caved to the left on the government shut down.  Who was right about that?

Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee, two Tea Party senators whop worked diligently to bring the idiocy of the Obamacare rollout to our attention BEFORE that particular disaster started were far more correct about the issue then the Sellout Senator, Mitch McConnell... who only scammed a paltry $2 billion for

Leftists and the so-called moderates point to the Virginia election, where the Tea Party-backed candidate lost, as an example of how destructive the Tea Part force is to the GOP... but they tend to overlook the sellout democrat-financed candidate that resulted in a genuine scumbag democrat winning the Gov's seat in that state... because, well, the GOP abandoned him and the fringe-leftist was able to outspend the Tea Party backed candidate by a mere $15 million or so.

I've been told that here in Washington State, for example, Tea Party candidates can't win.  Of course, those doing me the telling can't seem to find a statewide race where their so-called moderates can win, or have won , either, so that's something of the dichotomy confronting us.

The value of the Tea Party segment of the GOP is obvious to an unbiased politico: they're issue and principle-driven, they show up, they're motivated... and all too often, they're correct.

Of course, that makes them a prime target for the kind of demonetization our local rag favors against, say, Don Benton and/or David Madore.  Instead of acknowledging the numbers and the drive they represent, we get snarky bullshit from GOP leadership... condemnation and belittlement... the kind of thing the left does every day, all day.

Well, I'm not in the Tea Party.  I'm not an organizational kind of guy... since I don't play well with others.

And I am long since my "vote for the guy with the 'R' after their name" phase.

But I am much more willing to listen to people of principle with a functioning vision than I am listening to those who are far too damned comfortable living in the minority because they've got theirs...and who continue to wrongly believe that success will somehow land at your political door step like the stork brought it merely by doing the same thing you've been doing...

Here's the thing: the success of the fringe left is not because they've moderated their positions.  Yet, oddly, the establishment GOP tells the world that somehow, GOP success is dependent on the GOP moderating THEIR positions...

Sorry: that simply doesn't make any sense.

To engage in that variety of hyperbole, particularly when events have proven you right, is to overlook the two basic failures of the GOP in every blue state:

The failure to have a consistent minority outreach to county the left's false allegations of racism, the failure to have a constant female outreach to counter the fake "war on women," and the technological/social media failures of the past decade.

Blaming the increasingly stronger Tea Party for GOP defeat might be self-comforting, but then, in the end, so is getting drunk for some.

The hangover?  Maybe not so much.

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