Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Do we miss Marc Boldt yet?

I don't.

Look: I get that the fringe-left's faux-outrage continues... sort of... and that Lefty Lou is doing all he can for the next 3 years to destroy David Madore and Tom Mielke for actually doing what they believed to be the right thing... and unarguably, the legal thing... in hiring Don Benton for Environmental Services Director.

David Madore is, however, guilty of what Lefty and his fellow fringers see as the unpardonable sin:  He's refused to allow himself to be co-opted by the special interests that own Steve Stuart like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion.

The second unpardonable sin?

To actually do... what he said he would do... as part of his campaign against Boldt.

I have zero buyer's remorse that the left has no control over David Madore.  Nor am I swayed by the tiki-tac bullshit of the left as they attempt to influence us away from what is absolutely the most important, biggest issue confronting our community today: the totalitarian, arrogant effort of these scum to ram the CRC Scam down our collective throats.

I get that Lefty Lou doesn't want to be swayed by the utter destruction of his cherished-by-him, hated-by-us loot rail project.  I get that Lefty projects all this hatred against Madore and institutes an institutional hatred against the man, his political positions and his government actions, whatever they may be.  I get that Brancaccio drives the train wreck of the democratian as if he'd been replaced by another fringe-leftist who used to be employed there as Editorial Page editor and who used to make these same protestations (Why, I have no bias!) but who now finds himself Chair of the local democrat party... I get all of that.

I also get that Brancaccio allows his hatred to drive his decisions.  He's a very unhappy man, to be sure.

But do all of this Sturm and Drang make me miss Marc Boldt as a county commissioner?

Hell, no.

Marc, who I freely admit I strongly opposed for county commissioner re-elect in the last cycle, is a good man.  But he was far too pliable when it came to either his political backbone or his alleged... but now disproven by deed and by action... so-called "conservatism."

In the interests of full disclosure, Marc is also my brother-in-law.  In any other election, anywhere else, a family divide such as this would make headlines in the local media: here?  It didn't even get a mention because the scumbag running the democratian knew damned well that publicizing the split between Marc and me would hurt him even more then his inexplicable, fringe-left support of the CRC Scam.

Marc, of course, had promised an advisory vote on the CRC Scam to my face in March of 2010.

That promise proved to be worthless, as he was wrongly led to believe that such a vote would be "unconstitutional," or he at least told me as much.  I told him he needed to fire whoever was lying to him about that.

This past election, wherein loot rail was obliterated by the people of this county, proved him incorrect.

In short, I had repeatedly warned Marc that his position on the CRC Scam was wrong, no matter how much the downtown mafia was kissing his ass to keep him in the fold.

No one made Marc support this rip off.  No one made Marc oppose an advisory vote, his promise to me to support one notwithstanding.  No one made Marc become a rabid supporter of loot rail... or decades long tolls... or any of the other grist for the downtown mafia's mill... but not so much for the people Marc governed... and he lost sight of the fact that OUR mill makes the determination, and not the downtowners.

Lefty has lost any pretense of fairness or even-handedness.  Scott Campbell is allowing him to use that joke of a newspaper as a club.

Meanwhile, Madore at his worst has been proven better than Boldt at his best on the issues that genuinely matter to this community.

Remember, kids: had Boldt been more like Mielke instead of ignoring his for 4 years... we'd still be calling Marc "Commissioner."

The people of this community hate light rail with a passion.  The election that the leftist scum running the democratian rarely reference have made that clear.

And, memo to Scott: the next time you check out your P/L sheet and you experience that puckering feeling?

One way to solve that problem would be for you to stroll down to Lefty's office in the slum you people work in, stick your head through the door and fire the number one reason your newspaper continues to circle the drain: the source of hatred and division within our community.

Or not.  But you, personally, are going to live with the consequences.

In closing, rest assured of the following:  Had David Madore SUPPORTED the CRC Scam?

Besides the fact that he wouldn't have been elected... we wouldn't be hearing about any of this in Lefty's swindle sheet.  But because he believes his readers to be stupid and easy to manipulate, he continues to trowel it out while he hides behind the freedom of the press that he abuses every day of his waking life.


Lew Waters said...

Slumming through the archives last evening, I stumbled across an article the Lazy C did back on June 15, 1995.

BOLDT TOPS DEMOCTRATS' 1996 HIT LIST (their spelling, not mine)

Boldt's victory in November over the respected House Majority Leader Rep. Kim Peery, D-Vancouver, was the narrowest of the local GOP legislators' successes at the ballot box (51.5 percent), and the most unexpected. In short, Peery's loss to political novice Boldt still is a huge embarrassment to Democrats.

Variations on the Boldt's-not-bright theme were expressed privately in interviews Wednesday by a half dozen local Democrats.

Even one well-connected local Republican said Boldt "is not articulate," and called him the most-endangered of the local GOP lawmakers facing re-election next year.

County Democratic Chairman Dan Ogden is less charitable:

"He's dumb," Ogden said. "We'll beat him. He has repeatedly shown that he doesn't understand what he's doing."

And all Marc had to do is sell out to become a great person ;-)

Just a guy said...

There's new evidence this week that Clark County Democrats have stopped licking their wounds over last November's slaughter and begun sharpening their knives for the Republicans in 1996.

Word is emerging that they have picked Republican state Rep. Marc Boldt of Brush Prairie as their No. 1 local target.

The rap on the 17th District blueberry farmer: He supposedly lacks the breadth, experience and aptitude to match wits with Olympia's better minds.

He's also hot to trot on the conservative Christian social issues, such as opposition to abortion and is the only local Republican in a group of House members known as the Magnificent 21.

How'd that work out for them?

Isn't it amazing that the more left he got, the smarter he got?