Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Write in Tim Wilson for Ridgefield City Council Position One: gets rid of Ron Onslow as mayor.

Unfortunately for Clark County, the local community of Ridgefield, Washington, is possessed of a Mayor not unlike the scumbag running Vancouver.

Ron Onslow is, to the misfortune of us all, a member of the CTran Board.  He had absolutely no problem selling out his own community or the 410,000 of the rest of us that live in Clark County, when he agreed to the CTran scam, to enable Tri-Met to take over this County.  Unfortunately, he is running essentially unopposed for reelection.

On the fortunate side, an individual by the name of Tim Wilson is mounting a last-second write-in campaign against Onslow.  I know neither Wilson nor Onslow, but what I do know is this: Wilson would never dream of selling us out the way Onslow has, and therefore Onlsow should lose the job of Mayor of Ridgefield: Wilson's election would accomplish that.

I urge everybody who's in a position to do so to write in Tim Wilson for the position of city council, poisition one which, under the weak mayor system means that Onslow is gone as a Mayor of Ridgefield.

Send a message to the slimeballs that they can't screw us without paying a price for it.

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