Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In my view: Endorsement Roundup

Vancouver Mayor: Bill Turley

Tim "the liar" Leavitt, is a lying scumbag who was elected last time because he lied about his position on tolls for the CRC project.  Since that time he has continued to ignore the voters of this area, he has repeatedly exercise the city's veto, showing that a minority can overrule the vast majority on any of the transportation issues that are going to impact us all.

What the disgraced to journalism refers to as "a clear and progressive vision for the city" is merely confirmation that they could care less about the fact that this man has no integrity, no courage, and is an out and out liar.  He is unfit for any elective office.

Washougal Mayor: Earl Scott

The choices are clear: you can pick a fake cop who pled guilty to impersonating a police officer, the current Mayor Sean Guard, or you can elect a genuine firefighter named Earl Scott who's a fire captain.  To me this is a no-brainer: the fake cop has to go.

Ridgefield Mayor: write in Tim Wilson

the current Mayor of Ridgefield, Ron Onslow, is part of the CRC scammer cabal, that screwed the people of the entire Clark County area.  He was part and parcel in voting for and assisting the enabling of Tri-Met to make an attempt to take over eminent domain authority from the local agency here.

This blatantly illegal and unconstitutional move came on the heels of the fact that the CTran board met and never voted on the contract that they signed with Tri-Met to screw the people of Vancouver and Clark County. Onslow has got to go.

Vancouver City Council: anyone running against Jack Burkman, Alisha Topper, or and McInerney – ogle.

All three of these individuals just would serve as Tim "the liar" Leavitt's rubberstamp.  All of them slavishly support the CRC ripoff, none of them are concerned about what the voters want, all of them support the recent CTran board idiocy to screw us into the ground at hand over control of our County to try met over in Portland.

Councilwoman Jeannie Stewart is deserving of reelection; she has withstood the massive amounts of pressure from the CRC scammers to continue the fight against loot rail infesting our County.  The other challengers are Frank Decker and Micheline Doane, both of which have been fighting against the CRC scam from the beginning.

Battle Ground City Council: Lyle Lamb and Lisa Walters

his opponent is a leftist Democrat.  Who has no difficulty whatsoever violating the state's laws concerning gambling as a  fundraiser and who has no problem making up lies about his political opposition.  He is unfit for elective elective office.

Lisa Walters' opponent is worthless on a variety of different levels; a slavish devotee of all things Obama, a gun grabber, a fringe left Democrat who's endorsed by the downtown Democrat mainstream leftists Probst and Ogden; frankly he's a punk who shouldn't be elected to third grade hall monitor.

Hockinson School Board:  Kathy Nordberg

I have written about Nordberg's opponent in the past: Ron Arp was a paid shill for the Ballpark Scam of a couple of years ago... and that's the main problem I've got with him: If Arp would sell the people of this county out for a paycheck... and slam something like this extortion down our throats without a vote.  And I don't believe that kind of attitude should be in elective office.

Washougal Prop 1: Yes

With Washougal's fake cop mayor pleading guilty to impersonating a police officer, Sean Guard has shown what a zoo the current system can become.

I get that the Guard clan is up in arms over this: but given that Sean Guard should have resigned, let alone having run for re-election, this effort is a way to ameliorate the further damage Guard can cause his city.

Yes on County advisory votes one, two, three, five;

No on County advisory votes
four and six.

That the newspaper hates allowing the people of this County to have an irrefutable voice in our own affairs is not particularly new.  They see the will of the people is merely another obstruction to their agenda.  And if the people overwhelmingly vote on these issues, the net is a sign that those who are elected will ignore at their own risk.

Yes, on Initiative 517; ambivalent on Initiative 522.

Typically, when the local rag's position on any issue is no, they should always give the voter paused to consider voting yes, since the newspaper is much more in error, then they are correct.

Initiative 517 will increase the voice of the people in this state, which is of course why our local disgrace of a newspaper hates it so much. Initiative 522 has to do with that genetic engineering labeling thing.  I don't know anything about it.  I don't care one way or the other: do whatever makes you feel good with it.

The fact is that generally speaking, my endorsements on most issues and candidates will typically be the exact opposite of those of our local disgrace to journalism.  My thought processes are based on what I believe is best for myself and the rest of the people of this County.  The rag that laughingly calls itself a newspaper has a somewhat different agenda, mainly their's, which has led to years of abuse, name-calling, and belittlement of those who are smart enough to disagree with their worldview.

Other endorsements may be coming.

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