Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looks like Jaime Herrera, showing her true leftist colors, is supporting Obama care.

So, Jaime Herrera's mouthpiece comes out with this babble concerning Obamacare, and the House's efforts to try and put a stop to it.  Leave it to this ignorant twit to come along and spout utter nonsense like:
"In a statement, the Camas Republican call the tax on the affordable care act, a poison pill that's preventing Congress from reopening the federal government.  Until Tuesday, she was mum on the house GOP's budget negotiations, saying she wanted to give her leadership time to craft a solution."

"if this shutdown last much longer, negative impacts would be rides widespread," her press release said, noting the potential impact of veterans benefits, food assistance for low income women and children, and permits for professional crabbers in fishers."
One of the many reasons that Jaime Herrera's continued tenure in Congress is dangerous, is the fact that this ignorant moron simply can't look beyond the end of her nose to what this country's future is going to be with its unrestrained spending.

Sounding like a press release crafted by the president's press secretary is not the way to address these issues.  Clearly, the GOP's cowardice has infected Jaime Herrera.  And once again, she has disgraced us all.

I have been trying to warn people about this woman.  Ever since she parachuted back in here in 07, specifically to run for Congress… And ignorant, absolute no nothing, who is now showing her true colors.

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