Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The GOP, caving on the budget.

Once again from all appearances it would seem that the GOP is ready to cave to Obama.

As a result of GOP cowardice, I will continue to ignore the GOP as a party, and continue to vote for those individuals regardless of party, who I believe will place their constituents first.

Unfortunately, that means that there will be many empty spots (Under votes) on my ballot, both the one I'm going to get in the mail here in a few days, and those in the future.  Because frankly, at this point, all that Boehner and the RINOs in the Senate have done is proved that it really doesn't matter what the letter is after the name of the candidate.

In the last election, most of my ballot did not have names filled in.  I will never vote for anyone just based on the label they try to attach themselves as the reason.  Because to me, what's most important, isn't what they say they are; it is, instead, what they do.  And both sides of this issue have striven to disappoint me once again.

If the only thing that the GOP can turn itself into is democrat-lite, then why do we even bother?  What's the point?

I warned from the very beginning, that the only reason to do this so-called government shutdown, (with as much as 85% of the government running after the so-called "shut down", how can anybody call this a government shut down?)  was to see it through and make a difference.

But once again, we've just kicked the can down the road, proving that the GOP is in reality no different at all than the Democrats.

I, personally, have been saying for years that both parties seem bent on shoving us off a cliff.  The only question seems to be: which one get us there faster.

The Democrats want us to sprint off the cliff; the Republicans just want us to walk off the cliff.  But the thing they've got in common is the cliff.

I personally do not want to go off a cliff.  I personally do not want my country to go off a cliff.  But these clowns in DC who I have lost all faith in regardless of party, seem utterly incapable of grasping our future reality: that we are heading for financial disaster.

No one running for any government position seems possessed of the courage to do what must be done.  This verbiage emanating like a stench from the floor of the U.S. Senate, where both sides are turning a blind eye to our efforts to become the next Greece, or Italy, or Portugal, or Iceland, or any of the other countries that are have either gone over the cliff, such as Iceland, or are dangling over the precipice… Is overpowering nonsense that solves nothing.

Unfortunately, in Congress, we get stuck with creatures like Jaime Herrera.

Few people in this area actually watch Congress or our legislative bodies closer than I.

Which brings us to the question: what has Jamie Herrera done in Congress… Either for us, or anybody else?  With her terror of holding open town hall meetings, which I actually believed to be quite the disgrace, is it any wonder that she's accomplished absolutely nothing in Washington DC?

I, personally, want a Congress member who is actually willing to at  least try to do something.  I want a Congress member representing me in Washington DC, who's got some guts.  I would rather have someone representing me in Congress who tries and fails, mightily, then to have a do-nothing like Jamie Herrera there, because all she's doing is warming the seat.

That such is exactly what I expected her to do if she was elected to Congress is beside the point: Jamie Herrera is a symptom of the disease infesting the Congress of the United States.  Herrera's concerns are not about accomplishing, but instead are about keeping her seat at all costs.  When we need a Congresswoman willing to play whack a mole, we get one who's unwilling to stick her head out of the hole.  The end result?

We've got a backbencher, who's never heard from, who takes no position on anything of importance, and who is entirely engaged in setting up her cult of personality in an effort for her to continue to keep her seat.

For purposes of these budget issues, initially, I didn't believe the Speaker had it in him to take this course of action.

But I also knew that if he was going to take this tact, he'd better see it through.

To go through all this angst, and not have anything to show for it, would be by far the worst possible political outcome for the House GOP.  But since the House seems to be made up of the Herrera types, that made this outcome entirely likely.

Herrera has spent the entirety of her abortive tenure in the House of Representatives attempting to convince people that she is actually fighting for them.  She has certainly spent a great deal of time trying to convince the electorate of the 3rd congressional district here in Washington, that she is in fact opposed to the CRC Scam… Yet she has accomplished absolutely nothing legislatively to put a stop to it.

This is known as the practice of bright, shiny object politics.  The desire on her part is to have the people not look at what she's actually doing, but instead look in a different direction so they won't see the reality of the situation.  And the reality of the situation is that the CRC abortion is still alive, because Jamie Herrera has done absolutely nothing to put an end to it.

That ties in very neatly with what Speaker Boehner appears to be about to do in the House of Representatives, which is to cave.  Oh, don't misunderstand me, Boehner and his minions will come out and say all we've achieve this victory.  We accomplish this.  We've done that… But the reality is that they've done nothing.

There is no reduction in spending at all.  For every two dollars we spend we borrow an additional $1.60.  No business, no household, no personal life can continue to exist under circumstances such as that.

That's not a conclusion based on party: it's a conclusion is based on reality.  The idea that we can just continue to print as much money as we need, without there being some day of reckoning, some horrific come to Jesus situation or scenario?

That is absurd.  And both parties are equally responsible for these outcomes because neither party will do what has to be done… All in the name of partisan politics.

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